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Last Updated: Monday, 19 September 2005, 11:10 GMT 12:10 UK

Tony Blair Blair secures historic third term
Tony Blair acknowledges the Iraq effect but urges unity as he wins a third term with a greatly reduced majority.

Sandra and Michael Howard Howard will stand down as leader
Tory leader Michael Howard will stand down "sooner rather than later" to allow a younger figure to take over.

Charles Kennedy makes his acceptance speech Kennedy hails 'party of future'
Labour can no longer "ride rough-shod" over voters views, Charles Kennedy says hailing the Lib Dems' 62 seats.


Shock win for Galloway in London
The Respect Party shocks Labour by winning the Bethnal Green & Bow seat.

UUP leader loses Upper Bann seat
UUP leader David Trimble loses his seat as the DUP strengthens its position as the dominant unionist party.

UKIP falls short of its targets
The UK Independence Party's failure to make an electoral breakthrough costs it about 225,500 in lost deposits.

Green vote doubles in two seats
The Greens fail to get MPs elected but double their vote share in two constituencies.

BNP sees increase in total votes
The British National Party wins nearly 200,000 votes, but fails to gain any Parliamentary seats.

English elect councils and mayors
Results have been declared in the mayoral, county council and unitary authority elections in England.


Can Blair's new team deliver?
What's your reaction to Labour's third term?


Hain pledges NI progress
The new NI secretary says combining his job with that of Welsh secretary will not cause diminished effort.

Scots reflect on poll result
Scotland's political parties assess their respective performances at the UK General Election.

Welsh socialist relishes triumph
Voters in Blaenau Gwent tell of their delight at the victory of independent socialist MP Peter Law.


UK voters' panel: Final reaction
Our voters' panel give their reaction to the final results in the general election.

Papers assess parties' leadership
The majority of Sunday's papers look at the leadership prospects in the two main parties after the general election.

US takes comfort from Blair win
Both sides in the US political scene may take some comfort from the UK election result, writes the BBC's Lesley Curwen.


Who deserted Labour?
Labour has won power with the lowest ever share of the vote. But which groups deserted Labour?

An early exit for Blair?
The calls for Tony Blair to go have started already, despite him having led Labour to an historic third term.

Election 2005 at-a-glance
The big stories, the key quotes, the best pictures - all you need to know about election night.


Election 2005 | Full UK Election Results | Issues | Weblog | Have Your Say | England | Northern Ireland | Scotland | Wales

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