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Last Updated: Sunday, 4 March 2007, 11:16 GMT
Lunar eclipse: 'Wonder of nature'
Sky watchers across the world have been enjoying the first total lunar eclipse in more than three years.

The eclipse captured by Andrew Cairns, in West Lothian, Scotland

The eclipse, which took place between 2244 and 2358 GMT, was visible from the whole of Europe, Africa, South America, and eastern parts of the US and Canada.

Here, BBC News website readers speak of their experiences of when the Moon became immersed in the shadow of the Earth.

'It was beautiful'

"It was awe-inspiring to watch the shadow of the entire planet slowly move across the Moon.

"You could see the shape of the Earth in the shadow. Nothing else compares to the wonder in nature." Douglas, East Kilbride, Scotland

"It was beautiful. To witness the gradual loss of moonlight only to be replaced by the vibrant and deep orange was a spectacular sight.

"Helped by the cloudless night sky. Then the gradual re-emergence of the bright piercing moonlight. Makes one feel small and humbled." Imran, London, UK

"It was a very eerie and captivating sight to see." Craig Elwell, Accrington, Lancashire, UK

"I began watching it after my mum told me to look out the window. It was extremely clear and indeed the Moon took on an eerie reddish hue.

"Wonderful to see something so amazing just outside my front door. Nature is wonderful." Sarah Hughesman, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK

Viewing with friends and family

"I had a lunar eclipse party. My friends and I watched it in amazement. What a beautiful colour it went." James Doherty, London, UK

"My wife and I stood in front of our house with a gathering of neighbours, who we've never met before.

"We watched the whole eclipse and talked about it while drinking Baileys and whiskey. It was great." Pete Tamman, London, UK

"My wife, daughter and a friend stood outside to watch the eclipse. We all had a drink with us and toasted the Moon.

"Around us we could hear fireworks. Great feeling." Terry Battersby, Sheffield, UK

"I was with regulars at the Eclipse pub in Winchester. We watched the eclipse unfold over the cathedral - with a G&T in hand. Magical!" Sharon Brown, Winchester, UK

Watching at work

"I watched the lunar eclipse during my night shift at Clayesmore School's medical centre.

"The skies were absolutely clear, and every step was clearly visible. The 'diamond ring' phase was beautiful." Helen Jeffers, Iwerne Minster, Dorset, UK

"Watched last night's eclipse with awe from the middle of the North Sea.

"Watching the Moon slip into the shadow of the Earth was just amazing and the reddish colour it went was eerie and beautiful.

"Events like these just reinforce how amazing and special our little planet really is." Peter Cormack, Oil Platform, North Sea

"I was working when the eclipse was happening, but I kept popping out when it was quiet.

"Lots of drunk people were stopping on the streets to look at the eclipse. It was lovely, a gorgeous atmosphere. Eluned Glyn Dafydd, Bangor, Wales

The view from around the world

"It was my first total eclipse of the Moon I ever saw and it was the most amazing jaw-dropping event I ever witnessed." Alan Clarke, Dublin, Ireland

"In sub-zero temperatures, a crystal-clear sky contributed to a wonderful uninterrupted view of the orange Moon at mid-eclipse (0421 here). Michael Oates, Aksai, Kazakhstan

"The eclipse was breathtaking, very clearly seen from Kuwait and you could see the dark shaded part eating up the Moon in minutes." Qaiss Dashti, Kuwait

The moon in eclipse
The moon moving into eclipse over Athens, Greece

"It was spectacular. I really enjoyed watching this rare event." V.A.Shaji, Kulhudhuffushi, Republic of Maldives

"I watched it, with 50 other girls from Sarah Lawrence College, on the bus ride to West Point Military Academy.

"The windows were huge and we simply watched the shadows play over the Moon as we drove upstate. It was breathtaking." Amy Scoville, Bronxville, New York, USA

"It was amazing to see how creative and beautiful is our universe." Stanislaw Wisniewski, central Iraq

"It was a spectacle of nature to behold on first hand to appreciate the magnificence of nature." Kenneth I Cintron, Dorado, Puerto Rico

"From Los Angeles, the Moon appeared very low in the sky and was glowing an amazing orange/red/gold colour." Katie Feldman, Studio City, Los Angeles County, USA

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