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David Lord
For me the decision on a US led war depends on whether Saddam Hussein is hiding weapons and whether he is going to use weapons of mass destruction. But there are a lot of innocent people in Iraq and any war should have international support.

Look back to 1991 to what the Gulf War created. There are immigrants all over London. I'm not against foreign people, but a war in Iraq will increase the number of illegal immigrants.

I think the arms inspectors should be given another month or so. We should only attack if there is a real threat, like the anthrax outbreak after 11 September - this kind of attack is the biggest danger.

Katie Berwick
We should not attack Iraq at all. People don't want a war. We keep getting the opinions of politicians, but this doesn't tell us what's really going on. We're not being given a say, so now I don't bother voting.

George Bush wants a fight. He doesn't want to listen to anyone else. A lot of our goodwill gestures backfire abroad, so we should look after the UK first.

Blair was elected to represent the UK, not any other country. He needs to sort out the UK first and not just follow Bush. I think Bush is fired up and already made his mind up. The war is about oil and winning votes at home.

Aidan Hamade
No, we shouldn't go to war. We need to give the arms inspectors more time. We need to look for another way of sorting the problem.

Possibly use sanctions and something more serious. Over the last few years, we heard nothing about Iraq and its threat, but now suddenly, it has become an important issue.

Why is the UK at the front? I think it is partly due to terrorism since 11 September, but the main motive is oil.

Gino Dachille
No I don't think we should go to war. There is not enough proof - and a war has to have the backing of the UN. The US can't go on its own. We need more evidence from the inspectors.

The trouble with Colin Powell's evidence is that it is easy for Iraq to say it is fabricated. We need to get rid of Saddam Hussein. How? It's difficult, but we need to use diplomatic ways. War is the last resort and should remain the last resort. We haven't looked at the likely consequences either. What will happen to the Arab world?

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