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MPs' expenses: Yvette Cooper

Parliament has published the details of MPs' expenses. The documents, which have chunks blacked out to hide addresses and other sensitive information, cover financial years from 2004 to 2008 and have been released in response to requests under the Freedom of Information Act.

Details of individual MPs expenses were initially published by the Daily Telegraph. Where it made claims about individual MPs they have been reflected in these pages - as have MPs' responses to those claims.

Labour MP for Pontefract & Castleford

Cooper, Rt Hon Yvette
Total expenses
of which second
home allowance


Claim: The Telegraph says Ms Cooper re-designated, or "flipped", her second home from a property in South Yorkshire to the London home she owned with her husband Ed Balls in 2005 - after he was elected to the Commons. After that, the paper says the couple each claimed half of the share of their 1,468 mortgage interest costs. In May 2007, the couple moved to a larger home in London and began claiming 1,031 each in mortgage interest as well as 2,000 in moving costs. According to the paper, the two submitted the same claim twice in July 2006. Additionally, Mr Balls was said to have charged 33 for two Remembrance Sunday poppy wreaths, although the claim was turned down.

Response: Ms Cooper said she sought advice from the Commons authorities before changing her second home arrangement in 2005. The two MPs say they split the cost of bills evenly and since moving in 2007, have claimed less than in allowances than in the previous two years. Between them, they claimed just over 24,000 in 2007-8, above the 23,083 limit for a single MP but well below the 46,000 threshold for couples. The Parliamentary Standards Commissioner investigated their second home arrangement in 2008 and approved it, pointing out the couple had paid capital gains tax on the flat sale. The couple said the 2006 'double claim' was an inadvertent error and the correct amount was paid once spotted. Mr Balls added that the claim for the wreaths "was submitted in error by a staff member".


The links below will take you to the original documents on Parliament's website. As the links have been automatically generated it is possible a small percentage of them may not work.

Hundreds of pages of receipts have been published for each MP. If you see anything interesting, or if any of the links above are broken please tell us here. This is what you've spotted so far.


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