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London Mayoral election issues guide

Find out where the main candidates running for the mayor stand on a range of key issues

Ken Livingstone

Key message

Crime and policing

Public transport

Congestion charge

Green issues


Ken LivingstoneMayor of London since 2000, he is trying to secure his third term in office.
Claims track record on big transport projects needed to deliver Crossrail and others. He says London is more successful than ever.
If re-elected will reduce crime by 6% a year, increase police numbers by 1,000 in next year, maintain a dedicated police team in all neighbourhoods.
Take over Tube contracts from Metronet, improve trains, invest more in cycling and walking, expand police teams, 24-hour Freedom pass, 500 more hybrid buses by 2010.
From October bring in 25-a-day charge for most-polluting vehicles. Lowest-polluting to pay nothing. Improve payment methods to allow automatic debits.
Extend low-emission zone to cover lorries over 3.5 tonnes, improve public buildings' energy efficiency and Green Homes service to help householders.
Will safeguard policy that 50% of new homes should be affordable to buy or rent and build at least 50,000 new affordable homes in next three years.

Boris Johnson

Boris JohnsonHigh-profile Tory MP, TV show regular and former editor of The Spectator.
Creating a safer city is central to everything he wants to achieve, London "needs a change" and he has "dynamism and fresh ideas".
More police on buses, trains, stations, Teens who abuse right to free travel to earn it back via community work, tackle knife and gun crime.
Double police on buses, 50 extra police for suburban stations, phase out bendy bus and redesign Routemaster, no-strike deal with RMT, 2m for safe cycle parking
Reform charge. Opposes 25 charge, says it will hit families and small firms. Rephase traffic lights and lobby for powers to fine utility firms for roadwork delays.
6m to tackle graffiti, flytipping etc in local open spaces. Stop backyard developments, plant 10,000 trees, City Hall to buy in greener goods. Supports low-emission zone.
Build 50,000 more affordable homes in London by 2011 and bring 84,000 empty homes back into use. Opposes quotas but would work with councils to increase affordable homes.

Brian Paddick

Brian PaddickEx-police chief, had softly-softly take on cannabis possession.
Says violent crime has soared and after more than 30 years as a policeman he has the experience to cut gun and knife crime.
Cutting crime is top priority. Would hold police to account for performance and cut crime by 20% in four years or not stand again.
Review Tube management, unlimited Oyster card bus changes within an hour, "women-friendly" night Tube carriages, free bike hire scheme.
Keep charge but scrap western zone, the 25 charge and low-emission zone. Look at a 24-hour-a-day 10 charge to cover greater London, invest in transport in outer London.
Opposes Heathrow third runway - wants high-speed rail hub instead. Says 25 charge for "gas guzzlers" will hit businesses - prefers a carbon tax on new cars.
Use money spent on temporary accommodation to build social housing, bring empty homes into use and take over publicly-owned brownfield sites for housing.

Gerard Batten

Gerard BattenFounder member of UKIP who represents London as an MEP.
End "minority politics". Treat all Londoners equally. Concentrate on tackling crime, cutting council tax, getting traffic moving.
Metropolitan Police commissioner should be directly elected. Round up and deport criminal gangs from outside EU.
Cut Tube fares and introduced a "phased off-peak" price system, with people travelling before 0630 paying less. Attempt "no-strike" deal with unions.
Abolish congestion charge and emissions charging. Replace speed bumps with controlled speed zones. Parking fines imposed only if restrict traffic flow.
Encourage waste-burning rather than landfill. Promote use of electric vehicles by providing charging points. Local referendums on major building projects.
No new developments unless infrastructure such as schools, transport and healthcare put in place first. No building on flood plains.

Lindsey German

Lindsey GermanStop the War campaigner who came fifth in the 2004 mayoral race.
The only "left alternative", says people feel let down by Labour and says a vote for her means decent policies on housing and transport.
Create a community, restore park keepers, wardens etc to address insecurity. Expand women's refuges. Prioritise policing of race attacks.
Transport should be returned to public ownership, bring back conductors, staff all stations. Cut bus and tube fares. Scrap bendy buses, develop "green" and accessible Routemaster.
Aims to cut car use, says congestion charge does not go far enough as based on ability to pay, should be based on need so as not to penalise poorer Londoners.
More cycle/motorcyle lanes, more footpaths. 20mph speed limit. More green spaces, no new private building on Thames, no third runway at Heathrow.
Emergency council house building programme to solve "chronic crisis" of overcrowded homes. All London homes should be affordable.

Richard Barnbrook

Richard BarnbrookLeader of the BNP group on Barking and Dagenham Council.
Give people who have paid into the system priority over new immigrants for social housing. Would make London "clean, friendly and safe".
Crack down on street gangs, instructing police to end "political correctness" and would focus on the effects of immigration on gang culture.
Replace bendy buses with Routemasters and conductors, to cut fare-dodging and congestion. Build a new airport in the Thames estuary and ban night flights at Heathrow.
Scrap the charge - says it has not worked. Would also remove bus lanes and most speed cameras to improve traffic flow. Make residents' parking permits free.
Put solar panels on all public buildings and consider planting more fruit trees, to provide free healthy food. Keep free plastic bags but make them biodegradable.
Stop "anti-white discrimination" in housing, making length of residence in an area the "main criterion" for allocation. Build on brownfield sites only, rather than greenfield areas.

Sian Berry

Sian BerryFormer Greens principal speaker and Alliance against Urban 4x4s founder.
Wants to cut cost of living for ordinary Londoners and create a fairer, greener London as well as reducing its carbon footprint.
More community police, address "chronic lack" of things for youths to do. Opposes airport-style security checks at Tube stations.
Wants a 20p cut in bus fares and off-peak Tube fares, as well as 20mph speed limit in built-up areas. All-night Tube services at weekends and free 24-hour travel for pensioners.
Supports policy, including the 25 charge. Wants to "strengthen" emissions-reducing demands on motorists over time. Car-free Sundays in West End.
Opposes expansion at Heathrow, invest more in high-speed rail links. Solar panels on 100,000 roofs by 2015. Free insulation for all homes that need it.
Force developers to make 60% of housing affordable, for rental market as well as buyers. Affordable premises for small shops and firms in new commercial developments.

Alan Craig

Alan CraigLeader of the Christian People's Alliance and Newham councillor.
Promote families and marriage, end youth violence, provide affordable homes, generate jobs and reject plans for a 12,000 capacity mosque.
Prioritise keeping families together. Police to challenge all low-level crime. Extend street pastors. More job training for inmates to cut re-offending.
Improve reliability and Tube management, increase buses, end PFI deals. Work with train operators to end high fares and improve safety. Introduce radial coach networks.
Says charge has not worked as intended but London needs fewer cars. Prefers road pricing at peak periods based on engine size.
Free insulation, London-wide heat, power and biomass generators to create off-grid electricity. Opposes 3rd runway at Heathrow.
Build 50,000 affordable homes by 2011, increase in housing to buy and rent, tackle poverty and family breakdown to reduce demand.

Winston McKenzie

Winston McKenzieCroydon-based former boxer who hopes to be first black London mayor.
Has inspiration to mend "broken society" - government is out of touch. More help for carers, the elderly. More youth facilities to cut crime.
Root out gun and knife crime, use schools after hours for clubs to get youths off streets. Gadgets for police to log stop and search to save time.
Ban bendy bus. To get London moving more efficiently need more trains and buses. Free youth travelcards limited to morning use only to cut crime.
Scrap the western extension, put the central zone on a new timetable from 6am to 10am then 3pm to 6pm at 10 a day. Exempt 4x4s and saloon cars from 25 levy.
Against nuclear power stations. Respects green issues but says some of the efforts and money going into them could be better used elsewhere.
Says politicians who make affordable housing pledges are "cheating us" as a recession is ahead and a figure cannot be put on how many houses will be built.

Matt O'Connor

Matt O'ConnorThe former English Democrat candidate was a founder of Fathers 4 Justice
Says England abandoned by ruling political classes and will focus on flow of taxes from London to rest of UK and family breakdown.
Zero tolerance on crime and anti-social behaviour. Would promote family and community cohesion and unlock young people's potential.
More investment in public transport through money saved in reducing family breakdown, backs Crossrail, railways need more investment and imagination.
Does not support congestion charge - says London is slowest moving city in Europe, but need for public debate before deciding what to do.
Opposes Heathrow expansion, instead reclaim land at sea for new airport with high speed rail and road links. Redesign Routemaster to use hydrogen fuel cells.
More affordable housing for key workers, look at what can be done to help people get on to housing ladder, expand rented sector.


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