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Wednesday, 6 June 2007, 11:42 GMT 12:42 UK

NewsWatch programme archive

Viewer and editor in discussion NewsWatch is the BBC's forum for viewers to tackle programme makers directly about news and current affairs.

It's broadcast on Friday nights on BBC News 24 and Saturday mornings on Breakfast on BBC One.

2006 programmes

1 December
How a police discipline item became a story about race.

24 November
Why so much coverage of Briton freed from Death Row?

17 November
A bird flu docu-drama accused of scaremongering.

10 November
NewsWatch at a global gathering of TV news bosses.

3 November
Should the BBC be talking to the Taleban?

27 October
TV news coverage of the Kriss Donald murder trial.

20 October
Why "Woman adopts baby" was headline news.

13 October
So can newsreaders wear a cross or not?

6 October
Party conference speakers cut off in their prime.

29 September
Give us news not showbiz, say viewers.

22 September
Were enough different voices heard in Pope row?

8 September
Did the BBC misjudge the Molly Campbell story?

4 August
Can't the news wait until next of kin have been told?

28 July
Middle East crisis - viewers say the BBC ignores Israel.

21 July
Did a documentary downplay the effects of Chernobyl?

14 July
Was 7 July anniversary the only news around?

7 July
Was "Beckham quits" really the top news story?

30 June
Spoof newsflash was no joke for viewers.

23 June
Why the BBC is revamping its Middle East coverage.

16 June
Gaza beach deaths - was the BBC fair to Israel?

9 June
Complaints of too much World Cup waffle.

2 June
One viewer wants to see more stories followed up.

26 May
All the news - but first, an 11-minute special report.

19 May
Fact or fantasy? Theories about 9/11 examined.

12 May
Look away now - here's the result of The Apprentice.

5 May
Viewers attack BBC over interview with Gary Glitter.

28 April
The stories that disappear after just one mention.

21 April
Reporting of scientific research under the microscope.

7 April
Demos at BBC about lack of coverage of Iraq protests.

31 March
Was council workers' strike fairly covered?

24 March
Why some protest marches don't make the news.

10 March
Stop promoting programmes on the news, say viewers.

3 March
Are criminals suitable programme guests?

24 February
Should reporters step in and help disaster victims?

17 February
Can breaking news reports leave viewers in the dark?

10 February
How do you handle a difficult studio guest?

3 February
The BBC explains its stance on the Muhammad cartoons.

27 January
The bishop and the cruise ship - no joke, say viewers.

20 January
Sex offenders in schools - has the BBC been fair?

13 January
Why send studio presenters out to big stories?

2005 programmes

23 December
The BBC's deputy director-general on viewers' concerns.

16 December
Could asking the public for photos put them at risk?

9 December
Reporting race crime - is the BBC biased?

2 December
Critics say the licence fee shouldn't be spent on local TV

25 November
Truckers dispute "killer in the cab" claim.

18 November
From the News Xchange conference in Amsterdam.

11 November
Domestic violence is no laughing matter, say viewers.

4 November
Are bird flu reports adding to the panic?

28 October
Riot reports "missed key facts".

14 October
Was boozy Britain series unfair to drinks industry?

7 October
Bad language at breakfast time.

30 September
The sensitive business of revisiting murder cases.

23 September
Viewers say Scotland gets a second class news service.

16 September
Cricket - major news story or just a game?

9 September
Did Katrina coverage get too critical of the US?

29 July
How reliable are eyewitness accounts for breaking news?

22 July
Terrorist or bomber? How the BBC chooses words.

15 July
Focus on coverage of the London bombs.

1 July
Viewers ask: "Why so little on Trafalgar 200?"

24 June
Is Wimbledon news, or just a game of tennis?

17 June
The Michael Jackson verdict - but first the waffle.

10 June
Do so many house price reports just cause confusion?

3 June
Viewers want more of the Queen in Canada.

27 May
Navel gazing - how the BBC reports on itself.

20 May
Storm over the new-look weather map.

13 May
Was the audience for Question Time representative?

29 April
Why did the BBC send people to heckle Michael Howard?

22 April
Viewers' election queries answered.

15 April
Was there too much coverage of the Pope?

8 April
Should the BBC be supporting British industry?

1 April
How bulletins decide which images are fit for broadcast.

25 March
Why send local and national reporters to the same story?

18 March
Was Michael Howard cut short after the Budget?

11 March
Did China week paint a true picture?

4 March
Why a report from the Middle East was wrong.

25 February
Is the BBC in the pro-hunting camp?

18 February
The documentary that offended a whole comunity.

11 February
Was Ellen MacArthur's voyage ignored until the end?

4 February
The rights and wrongs of making an on-air correction.

28 January
Was having an Islam week fair to other religions?

21 January
Prince Harry's fancy dress - was the BBC over the top?

14 January
Viewers want facts not rumour about Blair and Brown.

2004 programmes

17 December
Labour 4, Conservatives 0. Political balance discussed.

10 December
The difficulties of getting news from Falluja.

3 December
Is News 24 just recycling the same old stories?

26 November
Did Real Story portray Fathers 4 Justice in an unfair light?

19 November
Why "insurgents" is the word of choice at the BBC.

12 November
Are outside broadcasts always worth the effort?

5 November
Do science stories get short shrift?

29 October
The difficult decisions in the use of hostage videos.

22 October
Was there too much on the US election?

15 October
One viewer wants more politics from party conferences.

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