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Last Updated: Tuesday, 21 February 2006, 11:40 GMT
Governors uphold Ten complaint
Ten O'Clock News
The governors have upheld a complaint against a report on the Ten O'Clock News bulletin on April 28, 2005.

The item, by political reporter Guto Hari, concerned an edition of Question Time earlier that evening featuring interviews with the leaders of the three main British political parties.

The complaint was that while Mr Hari pointed out that Michael Howard was greeted by boos when he entered the forum, he neglected to say that Tony Blair was also met with boos. The complainant alleged that this was evidence of political bias.

The Governors' Programme Complaints Committee has accepted that Tony Blair's entrance was greeted by pronounced booing and this did not come across in the subsequent report.

The Committee said that, overall, the report had been a good piece of journalism, but in this one respect it had breached guidelines on accuracy and impartiality. However, the governors sought no further action on the matter.

Nor did the Committee uphold the broader complaint of political manipulation that had also been levelled against it.

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