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Last Updated: Thursday, 21 July, 2005, 08:27 GMT 09:27 UK
Your comments on Marr's departure
Andrew Marr
Most people are disappointed that Marr is stepping down

Many of you have been in touch regarding Andrew Marr's decision to step down as the BBC's political editor.

Most wanted to thank him for his accessible style of reporting on politics - a few, however, are also glad he's being replaced.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received:

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Andrew Marr for his five years of clear explanations about what is going on in the most complicated of areas. I always got a huge amount of information and understanding from Mr Marr and will miss his regular updates on the machinations of Westminster. Thank you and good luck in your next venture.
Graeme MacLeod, UK

I am very sad to learn of Andrew Marr leaving the news. Andrew's witty words keep us amused while watching his serious political newscasts. His talents and wits are irreplaceable. Judging by David Frost's interview with Bush in his British visit, Andrew is over qualified for Frost's job.
Ali Khan, Qatar

How on earth are you going to replace Andrew Marr? His concise witty and informed views have made many a dull news story worthy of attention. He is without equal and I'll be consumed by family matters on Sunday mornings! Good luck Andrew, you'll be around as long as Frostie I am sure.

Andrew Marr Leaving? Politics will never be the same... if it ever was. Good luck Andrew.
J Davies, UK

I am looking forward to Nick Robinson taking over from Andrew Marr as political correspondent, perhaps now political reporting on the BBC will now become more balanced and impartial. Andrew Marr is so blatantly left wing and pro New Labour, I often found his reporting extremely uncomfortable viewing. The way he would toady up to Tony Blair was sometimes simply embarrassing. As a licence payer, I expect impartiality and objectivity in all of the BBC's reporting, hopefully this will now be the case.
Guy Hook, England

Andrew Marr, you have become a national institution, I look forward to the day you return to live political news broadcasting, your natural role!
Jonathan Binnington, UK

Please pass on to Andrew Marr that he will be sadly missed as a reporter on matters political. A hard act to follow for the next person. I look forward to seeing Andrew in his new life in 'Marr on Sunday'.
Anthony C Seaman, UK

A message for Andrew Marr - just to say how much I have enjoyed your news reports over the last five years, and that your presence on the news bulletins will be greatly missed. I have always admired your perceptive and astute political comment, often delivered with dry humour. I wish you well in your new role and look forward to seeing you on our screens again.
Kate Wakeman, UK

Big thank you to Andrew Marr at the end of his stint as political editor. I always looked forward to your analysis after the "news". You have the knack of making complex issues understandable and question politicians with rigour without humiliating them. Please keep up with Start the Week - it's a marvellous way of putting the world into context on Monday morning.
Margaret Johns, Britain

What I enjoyed most about your news coverage was that one witty, funny or simply out-of-order remark that you always managed to slip in. Often it was just a matter of waiting for that moment within your 1.5 minute slot of serious reporting. I think I will miss this but wish you the best of luck with your new programme.
Holger Laux, Bristol, UK

Best wishes to Andy Marr on his next venture, I will miss his intelligent input cutting through the daily web of political noise.
Grant Cowley, UK

Andrew Marr is a wonderful political editor and during his time reporting for the 10 O'clock News, I have really appreciated his insight and the concise and relevant reports he has made that have always improved my understanding of the day's events.
Deb Stephens, UK

I would like to thank Andrew Marr for his excellent reporting over what seems like a sadly short period of time. However time has certainly flown. I had forgotten about the leftie handle he was associated with at the start but I have never found him to be anything but balanced and impartial. A very hard act to follow. I wish him every success for the future and will continue to follow his journalistic career.
Keith Hutson, UK


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