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Last Updated: Friday, 27 May, 2005, 16:24 GMT 17:24 UK
A change in the weather
Scotland weather map
Scotland will become more prominent
The BBC is to modify its controversial new weather map after complaints that it did not give enough prominence to Scotland and the north of England.

The angle at which viewers see the UK will be changed from Saturday, but the brown colours - also the subject of negative comment - will stay the same.

About 4,000 people complained after new forecasts were introduced two weeks ago.

One of the biggest complaints was that the 3-D perspective made it difficult to see what was happening in Scotland.

A Scottish National Party MP, Angus MacNeil, tabled an early day motion in the House of Commons in protest at the forecasts.


The BBC said it had "carefully assessed feedback from viewers".

"The global look of the map naturally makes the bottom of the map appear slightly larger, but we now recognise that the perspective needs changing, and are responding," explained Andrew Lane, manager of the weather centre.

The new system will still take viewers on a 3-D tour of the UK, but the speed of the movement has been slowed down, also in response to comments.

"I simply cannot watch the zooming action. It causes a mild dizziness," wrote one viewer, Diana Bailey.

"We are proud of the new weather map - it is very flexible, and we believe that it provides the clarity and realism that viewers want," said Andrew Lane.

"However, we have always made it clear that we listen to our audiences and our complaints system has had a role in helping us to understand our audiences' concerns."

He acknowledged that the brown hues had sparked criticism but said they were a key part of the map as brown was a colour which enabled the other information to be displayed clearly.

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