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Last Updated: Wednesday, 7 December 2005, 08:17 GMT
New look for BBC global websites
By Steve Herrmann
World Editor, BBC News Interactive

International navigation toolbar
Navigation and switching editions is made clearer
The BBC's main international websites are getting a new look from this week.

To make it easier for our users outside the UK to find what they want, the international editions of the BBC News and Sport sites will appear with a new set of links running across the top of each page.

These toolbar links will clearly signpost the key things international users have told us they are looking for on our web pages.

They will go to a new BBC homepage designed specifically for international users, as well as to News, Sport and new international pages for radio, TV and weather.

Choice of versions

If you are outside the UK you should see the international versions of these pages by default.

But you can switch to the UK version - or back again - at any time using the buttons near the top of the News, Sport and Home pages.

Depending on the selection you make, you will also see either the international or the UK versions of the radio, TV and weather pages.

All the content is still there, whichever version you choose. But by creating international versions of all the main BBC web pages we hope we've made it easier for you to find what you want.

New homepage

Our international users have told us in audience research that they value the BBC's news and information services and want to be able to get to them quickly and simply.

International front page
International homepage highlights news, sport and language services
The new, international version of the BBC homepage allows this, presenting the main news, sport and related content prominently.

From our international radio sites you have said you are looking for audio on demand, the chance to listen again to highlights and clearly displayed channel and programme information.

Our new international radio portal aims to deliver this. It showcases the best from BBC World Service radio, including recent highlights, up-to-the-minute audio news bulletins and a live stream. There are also links to the main BBC radio channels in the UK.

On our international TV page we provide a guide to the BBC's international commercial TV channels as well as links to BBC TV in the UK.

The BBC Weather page shows world weather summaries and you can set your own city for the default 5-day weather forecast.

The "languages" page displays the full range of languages available for the BBC's international radio and online services.

We hope you like the changes to our international pages. We'd like to hear what you think. You can let us know in the comments form below.

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