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Last Updated: Monday, 28 February, 2005, 14:33 GMT
Correction over post-bomb report
People at the blast scene
The blast at Tel Aviv killed four people and injured more than 30

The BBC has issued a correction over its coverage of the aftermath of a suicide bombing in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv.

Four people were killed and about 30 were injured outside a popular seafront night club on Friday.

But dozens of people have contacted the BBC to complain about a related news item on Sunday's Breakfast programme on BBC One.

It showed footage of the suicide bomber's family in mourning but failed to show any footage of victims' families to balance the report.

One complaint typical of the reaction said: "I felt that there was insufficient coverage of the innocent families affected by the bombing and too much time was spent on the family of the suicide bomber."

Another said it was an "outrageous insult to the victims of the terrorists".

In response, head of BBC television news Roger Mosey said: "The programme editors and I agree it was inappropriate to begin the report with footage of the suicide bomber's family in mourning.

"It was also inappropriate to include this footage without coverage of the suffering of the victims' families.

"Using this picture sequence in this way was a mistake. However, the report's coverage of the political ramifications of the bombing and this week's London conference was balanced and fair - and we did, of course, report fully the events in Tel Aviv in our bulletins on Friday night and Saturday."


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