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Last Updated: Monday, 8 August 2005, 10:10 GMT 11:10 UK
Hold the front page, website told
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The website's written review of the newspapers will continue

The BBC News website has dropped its look at the day's front pages of the national newspapers because of fears it could be sued.

The pop-up picture box, which sat alongside the daily review of the papers, enabled readers to scan all of the front pages of the UK's most popular titles.

However, lawyers for BBC News advised editors that they faced a "considerable risk of litigation" if the website continued to show the front pages in that way.

The problem lies mainly with the republication of exclusive pictures, such as paparazzi shots.

Breach of copyright

Paul Brannan, deputy editor of the BBC News website, explained: "Many of the editions feature pictures which have been licensed to the newspapers by third parties.

"Publication by us - even as complete front pages rather than for specific use of the pictures - leaves us open to breach of copyright claims."

He added: "There is no 'fair dealing' exception for photographs for the purpose of reporting news and current events.

"BBC TV has already had to make pay-outs in this regard and since publication on the internet is for much longer than inclusion in a programme, any damages are likely to be higher."

The written review of the daily papers will continue.


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