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Last Updated: Wednesday, 17 November, 2004, 12:30 GMT
The terminology of embedding
Some people have questioned the impartiality of the BBC's embedded journalists and the terms they use, such as using the word "we". Middle East correspondent Paul Wood, embedded with the US marines, explains the BBC's policy.

I have been using the construction "we" where we travel together, or come under fire together, to show that I am there and not reporting it from Baghdad or elsewhere.

When it is not things happening to us collectively (I am there after all) - ie when it is a military action, such as clearing a building, or obviously, using any kind of weaponry - then I talk about "the marines".

On the number of people and the possible return of refugees; everyone agrees, most have left.

As I say many times, for any who remain, the situation is awful beyond imagining.

I put the issue of civilians casualties to the Marines often and play the actuality across for radio programmes.


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