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Last Updated: Thursday, 27 April 2006, 10:50 GMT 11:50 UK
Caroline Hawley
BBC Middle East correspondent

Caroline Hawley has been the BBC's Middle East correspondent, based in Jerusalem, since the beginning of 2006.

She was previously the BBC's Baghdad correspondent - a post she held since the end of the war that toppled Saddam Hussein in April 2003.

Caroline joined the BBC in 1994 as a newsroom journalist for the BBC World Service, before becoming a West Asia and then Africa reporter.

In 1999, she went to the Middle East, covering Egypt, Libya and Sudan from Cairo.

Two years later, the BBC posted her to Jordan from where she travelled extensively both to Iraq and Jerusalem, where the peace process of the early 1990s had long since broken down.

During the second Palestinian uprising, she reported extensively from the West Bank and Gaza, and covered Israel's long siege of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.

She spent three months in Iraq in the lead-up to the war, before being expelled by the former regime in late 2002. She returned to Baghdad in time to report on the fall of Saddam Hussein's hometown Tikrit.

Caroline studied Arabic and Farsi at Oxford University. She then became a print journalist in Jerusalem, covering the end of the first Palestinian uprising and the peace process that led to Yasser Arafat's return from exile in 1994.


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