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Last Updated: Tuesday, 2 November 2010, 01:56 GMT

David Loyn

BBC international development correspondent

David Loyn

David Loyn is the BBC's international development correspondent.

David joined the BBC as a TV news reporter in 1987.

In his early years he reported on the first free elections in Poland, the fall of Berlin Wall and the Romanian Revolution.

After a short spell as a political correspondent in 1993 he became South Asia correspondent based in Delhi.

He reported frequently from Kashmir and Sri Lanka, and followed the rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan. His crew were the only journalists with the Taliban when they took Kabul.

After returning to Britain he was acting defence correspondent in 1997.

The following year he focussed on Kosovo in a series of reports culminating in the discovery of a massacre. That report won the Royal Television Society award for Foreign News, and David was also made RTS Journalist of the Year in the same year, for a portfolio which included Kosovo and a film for the BBC's Newsnight programme from Hurricane Mitch.

David is currently international development correspondent, and has covered several natural disasters, including the Bam earthquake, the Asian tsunami and the Haiti earthquake. He has reported from Afghanistan almost every year since 1995.

In 2007 he secured a rare interview with the Taliban's military commander in Helmand, spending several days behind enemy lines.

David's first book "Frontline - how a group of British mavericks changed the face of war reporting" was shortlisted for the Orwell Prize in 2005. His second book "Butcher and Bolt" tells the story of 200 years of foreign engagement in Afghanistan.

Before joining the BBC in 1985 David was named Sony Radio Reporter of the Year, for a series of reports from India following the death of Indira Gandhi.

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