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Last Updated: Tuesday, 9 August 2005, 08:24 GMT 09:24 UK

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NewsWatch is the forum for viewers to put their points about BBC news and current affairs programmes directly to the executives in charge.

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Has the BBC been even-handed in its coverage of climate change

What does the coverage of the Cumbrian floods tell us about the state of local television

Newswatch looks at criticism of the BBC's coverage of the war in Afghanistan

Did the BBC follow a news agenda set by The Sun, in reporting the Prime Minister's letter to Jackie Janes?

Why has the BBC launched its new website, Democracy Live?

What is the impact on journalism of social networking websites, and for what reasons are various stories deemed newsworthy?

What are the ramifications of the appearance of the British National Party on Question Time?

How far should the BBC regulate blogs written by its top journalists?

Should the BBC televise debates between the three party leaders?

Was it right for Andrew Marr to ask the Prime Minister if he was on prescription medication?

Does the BBC cover shows like Strictly Come Dancing too much in its news ouput?

Does the BBC go over the top when reporting the deaths of celebrities?

Should the British National Party be allowed onto Question Time?

Special edition from the Edinburgh TV Festival

Director of BBC News Helen Boaden looks back on some recent controversies

Does the BBC's foreign coverage ignore large parts of the world?

Why report British soldiers' deaths in Afghanistan, but not those of the Taliban?

Is the death of an officer in Afganistan more important than that of a trooper?

The coverage of Michael Jackson's death - over the top?

Has the use of Twitter and other social media slanted coverage of Iran?

Should the BBC share the licence fee to help fund ITV local news?

Special edition of the programme from Wales

Airtime given to the smaller parties during the local and Euro election campaigns

Journalists' pronounciation skills are tested

Did the BBC help to hound the Speaker of the House of Commons from his job?

Did coverage of MPs' expenses jump on a bandwagon?

Why did it take so long to follow up a story about a Labour peer's expenses?

Coverage of the swine flu outbreak

Speculation about the Budget before the Chancellor's speech

Assessing the year-old rebranding of BBC News

Does sports news focus too much on football?

How the final stages of Jade Goody's life were covered

Exposing an online security threat on BBC News

An environmental protester throws custard at Peter Mandelson

Reporting on U2's new album - or helping to plug it?

Jade Goody's wedding on BBC News

Should Twitter be used as a journalistic tool?

The News Channel's coverage of the Bafta awards ceremony

Has the BBC been fair to both sides in the conflict in Sri Lanka?

The refusal to broadcast an appeal for the people of Gaza

The BBC's handling of Barack Obama's inauguration

Did BBC News help to publicise a cough medicine?

Coverage of the conflict in Gaza comes under scrutiny

2008 programmes

The BBC Trust Chairman looks back over 2008

Robert Peston responds to charges that he's damaged the British economy

Should the BBC call the Mumbai attackers 'terrorists'?

A special edition from the News Xchange festival in Spain

Should Newsround report sensitive stories like the Shannon Matthews case?

Testing the grammatical knowledge of BBC journalists

Why were so many BBC journalists sent to the USA for the presidential election?

The reporting of George Osborne and Peter Mandelson on a yacht off Corfu

'Sensationalist' videos on the BBC news website

The reporting style of TV's man of the moment, Robert Peston

Was a blog by Robert Peston irresponsible journalism?

Political Editor Nick Robinson responds to his critics

Did The Undercover Soldier fairly portray bullying in the army?

Has the BBC clearly explained the global economic crisis?

Investigating coverage of the conflict in Afghanistan

Has the BBC been too favourable to Barack Obama?

A special programme from the Edinburgh TV Festival

The BBC's Director-General, Mark Thompson, speaks to Newswatch.

Does the reporting of knife crime risk making the problem worse?

Is the BBC's religious coverage obsessed with gay bishops?

The moment a Palestinian man was killed is shown on TV

John Simpson's reporting from Zimbabwe under question

Even in death, should women be treated differently?

20 June
Is BBC news reporting on the economy too negative?

Why isn't there more reporting of the UK outside England?

Does BBC news pander to stereotypes of the north-south divide?

Revealing what happens on TV shows on the website

When is showing images of natural disasters intrusive?

Going global - why UK news is so different at night.

Viewers question the BBC's grasp of science.

Striking teachers say they were unfairly portrayed.

Viewers ask why John Prescott's bulimia was news.

Did BBC cave in to lobbyists and change story?

Olympic torch - too much focus on protests?

Banned from Zimbabwe - so why send George Alagiah?

Should social networking information stay private?

Storm reports - too much hot air, say viewers.

Prince Harry homecoming - excessive live coverage?

Viewers demand dignity for Ipswich murder victims.

Contrasting global warming reports confuse audience.

Were Archbishop's Sharia comments out of context?

Was a report on migrant mothers balanced?

One set of statistics yet two very different BBC reports.

Economics story had everything - except vital figures.

What happened to live coverage of Liverpool's big night?

Viewers turned off by US election 'overkill'.

2007 programmes

Head of news looks back on 2007 - and forwards to 2008.

Too much on canoe man, say viewers.

The confusing world of house price surveys.

Did BBC's population figures tell the whole story?

Does the BBC focus too much on England?

The perils of live broadcasting.

Why do health reports send out conflicting messages?

Three similar protests - why did only two get reported?

Plane sits on runway - is that breaking news?

How job cuts will affect BBC News.

One week of Diana inquest and people are bored already.

How Burmese people told the news from their country.

How did immigration report turn into a crime story?

Did Northern Rock reports help create panic?

Give the McCanns a break, say viewers.

What makes an anniversary newsworthy?

Issues of trust dominate Edinburgh TV Festival.

Reinventing the news agenda in Northern Ireland.

Viewers' questions about flooding coverage.

Can BBC News be trusted to tell the truth?

Did the BBC miss the Hull floods story?

Coverage of terror attacks questioned.

"Lightweight" Breakfast comes under fire.

Just how impartial is the BBC?

Video game report was sensationalist, say viewers.

Does foreign news really cover the globe?

Labour's deputy leader contest - a turn-off for viewers?

Panorama on wi-fi - sound science or scaremongering?

Viewers' questions on Madeleine McCann coverage.

Banter between presenters - the view from both sides.

Is it the BBC's role to poke fun at President Bush?

Virginia killer's video and other shocking images.

Prince's romance - is the BBC as bad as the paparazzi?

Too much coverage of sailors captured in Iran?

Whats the point of dark, wet outside broadcasts?

Junior doctors on the march - why is this not news?

How a woman's arrest became a story about race.

Cash for honours inquiry is boring, say viewers.

Climate change - does the BBC tell the whole story?

Should the BBC be broadcasting military plans?

Are white people fairly represented on the news?

Presenters on location - a waste of money, say viewers.

Was the BBC too soft on Microsoft?

Anger as programmes are dropped for tennis.

Were Saddam hanging pictures used gratuitously?

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