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Last Updated: Monday, 15 November, 2004, 13:52 GMT
Falluja, not Fallujah
CLARIFICATION: BBC News website readers have emailed to ask why it spells Falluja without an "h" when most other media organisations seem to spell it with an "h".

The website says it has spelt Falluja in this way since the early stages of the conflict - when it opted for the simplest spelling of the name.

It is true that, if the website followed strict transliteration principles, it would add an "h" but the same would also apply to a range of other names (Basra, Samarra for example) which conventionally do not have an "h" when written in out in English, so there is no absolute consistency which operates for all these names as they appear in the western media.

At this stage, the BBC News website says it is not keen to switch its spelling because it has become the norm across its coverage and it would end up with a mixed set of spellings in its archived news stories.

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