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Tuesday, 29 April 2008, 14:02 GMT 15:02 UK

Coldplay 'wanted to get better'

Jonny Buckland and Chris Martin from Coldplay

Coldplay wanted to "get better rather than bigger" with their new album, singer Chris Martin has said.

The band came into Radio 1 to give first single Violet Hill its world exclusive first play.

Chris Martin says this record is shorter than the ones they've released in the past.

He said: "I think you can say what you like about our record, but its brevity is its strongest feature."

Violet Hill is available as a free download for one week. But Coldplay's website briefly crashed after it was released.

Speaking about the rest of the album, Martin continued: "It's colourful and it's short which is what these things should be. The intention was to try and be good and get better as opposed to bigger."

"I think you can say what you like about our record, but its brevity is its strongest feature"
Chris Martin

The album is Coldplay's fourth studio effort and the follow-up to 2005's X&Y, which went to number one in 22 countries.

Other tracks on the album include Life In Technicolor, Cemeteries Of London, Strawberry Swing and Death And All His Friends.

Lead singer Chris Martin said: "We felt incredibly hungry to prove why people have heard of us.

"I wanted it to be OK to be that 16-year-old who says they like Coldplay in the playground.

"Hopefully with this record they won't get teased so much."

Listen to Coldplay's interview with Jo Whiley

The release of the album has now been moved forward to 12 June.

'Eno is magician'

Coldplay worked with Brian Eno on Viva La Vida.

He was in Roxy Music and produced U2's Joshua Tree.

Chris Martin says it was an amazing experience.

Viva la Vida album cover He said: "Brian Eno is an absolute magician. First of all you learn about life and sex and all that kind of useful stuff for outside the studio.

"Then you learn about music and how to make music. He really freed us up.

"If you didn't really like Coldplay because of me I think you might be more encouraged to know that our new music has a lot more of everybody else on it. That's the thing that I'm proud of."

The band are also playing three free concerts in the summer.

They're playing London's Brixton Academy on 16 June, another gig is in Barcelona and they're doing the first free gig in New York's Madison Square Garden.

Chris Martin said: "It costs like 1m to do and no-one's ever done it.

"We're paying for it because we want to be generous for a bit. It's to say thank you."

Unfair criticism

And the band say they can't believe the criticism levelled at Glastonbury organiser Michael Eavis for choosing Jay-Z as a headliner.

Chris Martin said: "Why would we need to appear at Glastonbury given that the best musician on the planet is headlining it?

"I find it pretty embarrassing - the whole palaver about it.

"We came back to England the other day from being on a trip somewhere and there was all this hoo-ha.

"Coldplay not playing Glastonbury and Jay-Z playing.

"It is exactly what needs to happen to keep the world a good place. He's the best rapper in the world."

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