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10:05 GMT, Thursday, 3 July 2008 11:05 UK

Arrested Development: The Movie?

Hollywood actor Jason Bateman is probably best known for his role in American TV sitcom Arrested Development. At the moment he's starring in Hancock, the oddball superhero film fronted by Will Smith but has also appeared in films like Juno, Starsky and Hutch and The Kingdom with Jamie Foxx. Newsbeat has been chatting to the actor about the possibility of a film version of Arrested Development being made.

Jason Bateman

It's been rumoured to be happening for a long time now but is there any truth in claims that a film version of Arrested Development is happening?

Well, it's not definitely happening, no. They are still talking about it and it is definitely progressing and in talks. These deals are complicated and I wish I knew more about the specifics of the deal because I could give you more of a specific answer. But I do expect it to happen because I know that the will is there. But they're still working out the specifics of the deal and again that goes outside my knowledge base. So, I'll probably learn just before you do, not too much earlier.

Your career seems to be going pretty well at the moment with parts in some big Hollywood movies...

Things are going very well right now. But anybody who's even spent a moment in Hollywood knows that that can all go out the window tomorrow. So, I am knocking on every piece of wood available to me and if I was a religious man I would be down on my knees at every moment. But instead of that I'm just trying to smell the roses while they're still alive.

You've appeared in some less successful projects like The Hogan Family and Teen Wolf Too. How did your recent resurgence come about? Is it because you're mates with people like Ben Stiller and appeared in Dodgeball?

I think all roads lead to Arrested Development. I would probably be doing any number of different jobs right now, none if which would be in the entertainment industry, had Arrested Development not come along. I owe a great deal to Mitch Hurwitz and Fox for giving me the opportunity to be in that show. Fortunately for me people like Ben Stiller watch that show and really enjoyed it. That was a nice sort of calling card for me and sort of a resume for me, a little example of what I could do. And they've been giving me some nice opportunities and obviously I haven't screwed it up yet. But, like I said, I could at any moment. Enjoy my acting while you can.

Did success early in your career give you a big ego?

Sure. With adolescence comes a lot of blissful ignorance but also a lot of mistakes along the way. You end up buying the confidence and the attitude that you should probably just be renting. And that was a painful lesson learned. But I'm smarter on this side of it, so, like we've been saying thus far, I'm certainly not getting too comfortable and keeping my knees bent and my bags slightly packed.

Jason Bateman was talking to Newsbeat entertainment reporter Natalie Jamieson.

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