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Charges dropped against top Tory

By Dave Howard
Newsbeat political reporter


Green arrest images released

It was the moment a senior MP's office became a suspected crime scene.

Last November, Damian Green - who speaks for the Tories on immigration issues - was held and questioned by police for nine hours.

The arrest came after a series of embarrassing details about the government were made public.

When Mr Green was finally released from custody, after midnight, he seemed angry and visibly shaken.

He told waiting reporters: "I emphatically deny that I've done anything wrong."

As well as his office, his home was also searched by officers.

First, claims hit the headlines that thousands of illegal immigrants had been cleared to work in sensitive government security jobs.

Then, there were reports that an illegal Brazilian immigrant was using fake ID to work inside Parliament.

One of my jobs is to expose the many failings of government immigration policy
Damian Green

There were several others too.

The Home Office called in police to put a stop to it.

But both an MPs' enquiry and the Crown Prosecution Service said police only got involved because they thought the leaks were more damaging than they really were.

Charges have been dropped against both Damian Green and a civil servant who'd been accused of helping him.

Damian Green - an opposition MP - said it was an attempt to stop him holding the government to account - one of his main duties as an Opposition politician.

He told reporters: "One of my jobs is to expose the many failings of government immigration policy.

"That's exactly what I was doing in this case, and that's why ministers were so embarrassed".

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