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Fancy working as a naked butler?

By Jonathan Wells
Newsbeat reporter

The recession means many people are struggling to make ends meet. It might sound odd with jobs being axed everywhere, but there are plenty of ways to make some extra cash on the side. Hear from some of the people taking on second jobs or starting again after being made redundant.

What's it like being a professional dog walker or a naked butler?

Dog walking

Victoria's a professional dog walker in Southampton. She says you can earn anything from 6 an hour doing the job.

She said: "I used to work for a car rental firm. Last year the company made lots of people redundant.

"I knew my job was at risk so I decided to take redundancy and do something for myself."

Victoria from Southampton
Victoria became a dog walker after being made redundant
"It's not being stuck in an office. It's a healthier lifestyle, being out and about walking."

Victoria says it doesn't have to be just dogs. You can look after cats, rabbits, guinea pigs or many other kind of pet.

They all need feeding and most have to have some form of exercise.

Victoria says it's easy to get into and recommends telling family, friends and neighbours, popping flyers through doors, posting adverts in local shops and on the internet.

She added: "When people lose their jobs, they often go out looking for something similar but you don't need to go from one office to another.

"Why not think about doing something completely different?"

Naked Butlering

Alex is a carpenter in Bristol by day, but by night he dresses up in virtually nothing and serves drinks at parties as a "butler in the buff".

"It's really helping me out at the moment," he said. "Guys are being laid off left, right and centre. Being a carpenter, the work isn't consistent as it once was."

Alex says you can make around 25 an hour working as a naked butler.

He says you just need to have a personality and keep in shape. "It's mostly hen dos; you just turn up, take your clothes off and serve drinks for a few hours."


You can make good money as a football referee, if you don't mind the odd bit of abuse.

Local leagues always need people to take charge of their games and they're not just on the look out for men.

Laura refs in Bromsgrove in her free time. She said: "I had a keen interest in football so I thought I'd give it a go.

"I really enjoyed it and took it from there."

It's nice to have a bit of extra money for treats. I wouldn't be able to afford them otherwise
Lesley from Grantham sells cosmetics door-to-door in her spare time
The 26-year-old's day job is a teacher. "A large portion of my classes are PE, so it follows from there."

Laura says the money's not bad, with a minimum of 22 per game plus expenses.

"I can earn quite a lot some months although there is quite a big expense with the kit when you first start."

The more experience Laura gets, the more money she'll earn. Laura only referees men's games though at the moment.

She said: "There's an initial shock that I'm a female but once I get on the pitch I'm treated like a referee."

Life model

A bit like serving drinks in the buff, this isn't for the faint-hearted.

Many art schools and colleges will pay good cash for people to pose naked for their classes.

It's not just for the skinny or the big-busted; life classes take all shapes and sizes.

Kieran in Swindon's done it for about six months and said: "It's embarrassing to start with but it's provided me with an income boost."

Models can get about 12 an hour for sitting still while artists draw them.

Focus groups

Many companies want to know about people's shopping habits and will pay other people to find out what chocolate customers like or what clothes people wear.

It's possible to make around 6 an hour from online surveys, much more if you take part in face-to-face focus groups.

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