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'My house became a cannabis farm'

Lounge in Andrew's house

Andrew has owned a house since 2001 and rented it out for five-and-a-half months. It wasn't until police raided the flat that he discovered it was being used as a cannabis farm.

Empty plant bottles

Andrew said: "When the police raided the property, there were 471 plants with a street value of - I don't know to be honest - but a lot of money. They made a lot of money out of me."


"The three rooms on the first floor, they've got nothing in there, apart from just soil on the floor. There's no furniture, it's all disappeared. There were beds wardrobes, cupboards," said Andrew.


"This is where they were propagating the seeds. You can see why they call it organised crime. This is seriously organised. The work and the preparation that's gone into it, it's unbelievable," said Andrew.

Hole in chimney

Andrew said: "You've got industrial units where they were extracting the heat from the house. There's a big hole in the chimney breast where they had the extraction [fan] going in."

Meter box

"What I've been told by the electricity company, is they bypassed the meter and they were taking mains direct from the main supply," said Andrew, who is not covered for the damages.


The 28-year-old added: "It's taken us the good part of five hours to clear out the soil. I'm extremely grateful to my friends, I'm supplying the beer and they're doing all the manual work."


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