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Pints and pounds are saved

By Dave Howard
Newsbeat politics reporter

Market trader Daryl
Market trader Daryl says metric measures can be a muddle

Do you like your beer in pints or litres?

Perhaps you're off to the shops later for a pound of sugar.

For years, politicians in Europe have been trying to make Britain drop its old-fashioned Imperial weights and measures and fall in line with the metric system of grams and kilometres.

But shopkeepers and pub-goers in the UK have been fighting back, saying they prefer their feet, inches, pounds and ounces.

Now, the European Union say enough's enough and they've stopped trying to force us to use the newer system.

Daryl Highlands sells fruit and veg at a roadside market in north London.

When you're out shopping do you go for pounds or kilos?
He says his punters prefer pounds and ounces: "People get mixed up with metric."

Not far up the road, Ken Evans has his own stall.

He's been in trouble twice for not displaying metric weights on his produce.

He said: "Twice they caught me with my pound weights. And on the second time they nicked them."

The authorities also threatened him with a big fine.

This vote in Europe means Ken might be safer from now on.

You're still supposed to display both Imperial and Metric but ministers say they'll go easy on people who prefer doing things the old fashioned way.

Ken's response is typical of many people.

He said: "It should have happened a long time ago. We're British."

"You've only got to watch the Eurovision Song Contest to see how close we are to Europe."

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