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Discount retail outlets boom

By Briar Burley
Newsbeat reporter, Cheshire Oaks near Chester

Despite the reports of growing debt, mortgage worries and banks collapsing, the credit crunch isn't proving to be bad news for everyone.

Clothes rail

McDonalds have said they're getting two million more customers every month.

Poundland's sales are up 122% this year and discount villages are reporting more shoppers than ever.

Newsbeat's been to the UK's biggest - Cheshire Oaks near Chester.

Twenty-one-year-old Danny was out shopping for his one-year-old daughter Caitlin.

He said: "She's just started walking. We're out looking for baby shoes and we know they're easily half the price here."

Mum Katie found a pair she likes and agrees: "I went to the high street and they were twice the price - about 28 on the high street and 12 here."

Sales increase

In recent months, a number of high street stores like Debenhams and John Lewis have reported falls in profits.

But at discount villages business is booming.

Colin Wilding is the General Manager at Cheshire Oaks.

He said: "We're 3% up on our footfall for the year and the sales increase is higher than that.
I'm priced out of the market and I'm feeling the credit crunch so I've bought my plastic card here

"We think that people see this as a real alternative. They can get high street brands, they can get designer brands, all at up to 50% discount.

"It's very attractive in times as difficult as they are at the moment."

And it's not just at Cheshire Oaks where business is booming.

Discount villages around the UK have told Newsbeat that sales are up on this time last year.

It's all being put down to the credit crunch, with more shoppers than ever looking to make their cash go further.

Shahid is 27 and from the Wirral. We caught him mid-shop.

He said: "I've bought the best bargains - two Levis belts.

"I'm priced out of the market and I'm feeling the credit crunch so I've bought my plastic card here."

His friend Paul agrees: "I'm just buying T-shirts, pants and winter stuff. It's a lot cheaper than in the normal shops."

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