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Cheating drivers 'put lives at risk'

By Dan Whitworth
Newsbeat reporter in Sheffield

Policeman with laser gun

Drivers who get other people to take penalty points for them to avoid getting banned are putting lives at risk, according to the RAC Foundation.

The charity says if motorists drive badly enough to get 12 points, and the automatic ban that comes with them, then they're too dangerous to be on the roads.

Jazz is one of 500,000 drivers who, according to the RAC Foundation, have admitted getting other people to take penalty points for them to avoid getting a ban.

He won't give his full name but drives a van all over the UK for a courier company and spends most of his day on the road.

He said: "I got flashed by a speed camera and already had nine points.

"So I needed someone to take the blame for it otherwise I would've got 12 points which means an automatic ban, which means I would have lost my job."

After asking around for someone to take the blame Jazz eventually got his girlfriend's mum to do it.

All he had to do was get her to write her name instead of his on the forms that came through to post to say it was her driving his van when it was flashed by a speed camera.

He told Newsbeat it was no big deal and very easy to fake.

He said: "The camera was one of those forward facing ones which actually takes a picture of your face.

"If they'd have bothered to check they would've seen a guy driving and not a middle aged lady."

Sheila Grainger from the RAC Foundation says both Jazz and his girlfriend's mum broke the law.

But because all the legal paperwork for his speeding fine got sent through the post it's a system that's open to abuse.

She said "Drivers get points for a reason. They get points because they're breaking the rules of the road.

"Avoiding your points, avoiding your ban will put lives at risk because you'll keep doing those dangerous things that got you those points in the first place."

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