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Tennessee bar-goers back McCain

By Sima Kotecha
Newsbeat US reporter in Tennessee

John McCain and Barack Obama
John McCain took on rival Barack Obama in the second televised debate

It wouldn't be right not to begin by having a moan about the weather.

After scorching sunshine yesterday it's got really cold today. I'm wearing a fleece and a jacket. All I need now is a duvet.

But the BBC bus is very warm and cosy. It's got big leather maroon couches. The ones you sit on and the whole of your body sinks inside.

It's been an entertaining evening hanging out with young Republicans at a bar called Mickey Roos in Franklin, Tennessee.

A stuffed cow's head welcomes visitors, and the barmen were all in cowboy hats and the girls in tight black t-shirts and boots.

I wasn't too happy with getting my coke in a polystyrene cup though.

And the music playing was good old country. After hearing it constantly for the last two days, I'm beginning to really like it.

So the much-awaited second presidential debate was put on the big screen.

Cheers and excitement

As the McCain fans watched their hero, they indulged in chicken wings, beef stew, and fries.

Cole Degges and  Kristie Klein
Cole says that McCain is the man to protect his right to use guns

And the beer kept coming. Pint after pint after pint.

It didn't take a lot for the punters to get excited. Each time the camera focused on McCain, there were loud cheers.

Cole Degges is a 32-year-old songwriter from Texas.

He said: "John McCain just has a thicker resume than Obama. He fought for our country, and I want to hunt and use guns, and he's the right choice."

And as the night went on, it got louder. People started shouting out "liar" when Obama began speaking.

They boo-ed and made fun of his looks and the way he sat in his chair on the stage.

'Big fat liar'

One thing was clear, there was a lot of anger towards him in the room. Heather Richardson is 28 years old and works in a shop.

She said: "I hate Obama. He's a big fat liar. Look at him, he doesn't know what he's talking about. He's not answering any of the questions."

Mickey Roos  bar
The customers in Mickey Roos bar were dead against Obama

And her younger sister, Tiffany, agreed: "He is the worst thing that could happen to this country."

You wouldn't think from sitting in this bar that Obama was leading in the national polls.

In fact, you would think he's the loser, the one who's way behind and disliked.

Americans are passionate people and when they go after someone, they really get going.

So who won the debate? Well, according to the Republicans at Mickey Roos, it was obviously a victory for their man, John McCain.

I guess we'll find out over the next couple of days, when the next set of polls come out, whether the war veteran's aggressive strategy worked with the rest of America.

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