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Your thoughts on Cameron speech

Katy Jackson

Katy Jackson works at a surf shop on Fistral beach in Cornwall. After listening to David Cameron's speech she said: "He is a really good public speaker but I can't really relate to him at all."

Helen Morcomb

Helen Morcomb works at the Fistral Blu cafe in Newquay. She thought David Cameron had good ideas about the economy: "He sounds confident and a lot of the points he's made sound like it could work."

Zane Pearson

Zane Pearson also works on Fistral beach. He disagrees with Helen over the economy: "I think he's pandering to what people want to hear. It will be difficult for either of them to turn it around."

Cameron: I am a man with a plan
Wednesday, 1 October 2008, 16:38 GMT |  Politics

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