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Army uses virtual computer game
Soldier playing game
Soldiers and instructors train using the software in a classroom

The army's started using a virtual computer package to improve the driving skills of soldiers while under fire.

The 2m training game also teaches members of the Armed Forces how to avoid roadside bombs and ambushes.

Trainees are able to speak to each other through headsets simulating conditions in a real convoy.

Lt Melia, Force Protection Troop Commander 63 Sqn said: "The system prepares troops for the challenges being experienced in Afghanistan."

The package includes steering wheels and pedal sets for vehicle control.

Instructors in the classroom can also make the training harder or easier while it's happening.

The equipment, called the Joint Combat Operation Virtual Environment (JCOVE), is being used by soldiers from the Royal Logistic Corps.

The game uses a commercial application called Virtual Battlespace and lets soldiers work out tactics and procedures and test driving techniques.

Minister for Defence Equipment and Support, Baroness Taylor, said: "The MoD is committed to train the UK's forces in the best way possible within a relevant contemporary operational environment, with modern effective equipment that promotes confidence.

"The Royal Logistic Corps are the backbone of military supply convoys in theatre.

"This latest technology will help save lives on operations."

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