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There's something about David

By Rajini Vaidyanathan
Newsbeat's politics reporter

David Brent, David Tennant, David Hasselhoff
Some of the Davids who could help and hinder Gordon Brown

As Gordon Brown tries to relax on his Great British summer holiday, there's no doubt his current troubles will weigh on his mind.

Will his party get rid of him? Can he turn things round? There's another thought he might be considering too.

Is there something about David?

It's two men with that name who are causing the PM a bit of a headache at the moment.

The first David is of the Cameron variety. If the polls are to be believed then he could be the man to send Gordon Brown packing from Downing Street at the next election.

His party's successes in the Crewe and Nantwich by-election, and the locals are just some signs of a Conservative revival that must be causing the PM some anxiety.

Snap stakes

And it's not just elections where Cameron appears to be outdoing the PM on. Many argue that David Cameron won on the summer holiday snap stakes.

Seen cuddling up to wife Samantha on a Cornwall beach, the photos painted a very relaxed picture.

The Tory leader told Newsbeat last week that a pair of flowery shorts he was snapped in were bought by his wife.

David Cameron
David Cameron cuddles up to wife Samantha on a Cornwall beach
He said: "They're all right aren't they? What, a bit flowery? I've had them for years."

The PM, on holiday in Southwold in Suffolk was well covered up in comparison. He sported a more formal look, wearing a suit jacket and shirt on the beach.

The other David who is making headlines while the PM is on holiday is David Miliband.

Currently foreign secretary, his front line political career began when he worked as an adviser to Tony Blair, where he earned the nickname "brains". Rumour is abound in Westminster that this David is also after the Prime Minister's job.

Front line

His article setting out his vision for the Labour Party's future had no mention of his current boss Gordon Brown.

When asked if he wanted the top job he denied he's plotting a leadership challenge.

"No, I'm not campaigning for anything other than a successful Labour government," he argued.

David Miliband
Rumour is abound David Miliband is after the Prime Minister's job
"The truth is we had a very bad result in the Glasgow by-election. I was frustrated by the sense of fatalism that had imbued in parts of the media and the Labour party."

Insiders say the very fact he wrote the article in the first place, suggests he would be happy to throw himself into the ring without too much persuading.

The name David's clearly causing Gordon Brown a few issues at the moment. On top of those two, it was the resignation of Labour MP David Marshall due to ill-health, that triggered the by-election in Glasgow East.

Labour went on to to lose the seat to the Scottish National Party, who overturned a 13,000 majority to win there. That defeat was for many Labour MPs the final straw, and prompted calls for the PM to step down.

Perhaps the PM will do well to stay away from people called David.

Famous tales

Going back in time, Gordon Brown won’t want to repeat the famous tale of David and Goliath.

Goliath, the huge warrior was in a fight with David, the shepherd.

Despite being smaller and less equipped for battle David stunned Goliath with a stone from his sling before cutting his head off.

A few years ago Tony Blair was dubbed the "David Brent of Downing Street" by the Conservatives. Another David that Gordon Brown will want to avoid association with.

But the PM could also find some Davids might help his cause. David Tennant as Dr Who for instance.

David Blaine
David Blaine could work his magic on the PM's political woes
Going back in time in the tardis would mean the PM could call the election he didn’t last year, something many say is to blame for many of his current troubles.

David Blaine could work his magic on the PM’s political woes. David Beckham could pass on some of his popularity.

And then of course, there’s the Hoff. Just because. Although in a poll last year of the world’s sexiest men he beat Gordon Brown. The PM was 97th sexiest, David Hasselhoff came in at 95.

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