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Your questions for David Cameron

Laura Barritt, 14, from Bangor

Laura Barritt, 14, from Bangor asked David Cameron about underage drinking. Cameron said: "Some of my friends who had the biggest problems were the ones who were never drank anything at home."

James Richards, 25, from Bristol

James Richards, 25, from Bristol asked about the credit crunch. Cameron said: "How we tax fuel is a matter we can change and we've said, 'Change it.' The government's just sitting there."

Lauren Evans, 29, from Gravesend

Single mum-of-two Lauren from Gravesend asked David Cameron if he was smug about becoming Prime Minister. Cameron said: "I hope I'm not. I've said I don't want us to win just because Labour are failing."

Ross McKay, 26, from Dunstable

Ross McKay, a 26-year-old from Dunstable, asked about immigration. Cameron said: "We do benefit from immigration, but we do need some controls. There is nothing we can do in terms of Poland."

Shevell Bachelor, 26, from London

Shevell Bachelor, 26 from London, asked about keeping kids away from crime. Cameron said: "There's no really simple answer. If you're caught carrying a knife or a gun that should mean prison."

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