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How to reduce fuel theft chance
To help reduce fuel thefts, RAC says:

  • 1. Park in well lit and preferably off-road areas whenever possible - fuel thieves don't want to be seen.
  • 2. Ensure your fuel cap is locked and secure.
  • 3. Don't encourage fuel theft - if you are offered fuel you think could have been siphoned from another vehicle, call the police. Apart from it being illegal, the fuel could be contaminated, causing damage to your vehicle's fuel system - some companies place dyes and covert marking into fuels, so you could be tracked.
  • 4. Check fuel levels when you switch off your engine and check again before you use your car again - if the level is suspiciously lower than expected, look around the vehicle for signs of theft prior to turning the key.
  • 5. If you smell fuel when returning to your vehicle, or see a puddle of liquid, keep away from the car, and don't turn on the ignition. Call your breakdown organisation, and whatever you do, don't light a cigarette whilst you're waiting!

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