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Jenson: 'Big teams should stay'
Jenson Button and Kylie Minogue
Jenson Button photographed with Kylie at the Glamour Awards

Formula 1 driver Jenson Button says he hopes famous names like Ferrari decide to stay on in the sport.

Speaking at the Glamour Awards, Button said: "Without the top teams in F1 it'd be a very different situation and for me I'd love for the big teams to stay."

He added: "Hopefully they'll sort everything out and we'll be racing next year with the full grid."

Some established teams have been considering leaving because of proposals to limit spending to £40m.

The FIA, the organisation that runs F1, thinks it will keep the sport going through the financial crisis and encourage new teams to get involved.

Last week the main teams said they would stay on - for the 2010 season at least. What will happen after that is unclear.

Button, who's streaking ahead in the drivers' standings with five wins, also talked about his sensational start to the season.

"It's been a great feeling this year (crossing the finishing line), most of the time I've been the first one to cross it.

Jenson Button racing at Monaco
Jenson scored his fifth win at the Monaco Grand Prix

"It's been a good season - the last couple of seasons have been very difficult. The team has done a great job this winter. It's such a turn around, so I've very proud of all of them."

Meanwhile, current champ Lewis Hamilton has struggled with his McLaren car in 2009, only picking up nine points in six races.

But despite the dip in form, Button said he's still looking forward to some close battles with the 24-year-old.

"To get to Formula 1 initially is a challenge and Lewis is a world champion. He's achieved a lot in Formula 1 in a very short space of time - so well done to him

"Hopefully we'll be in equipment in the future where we can race together."

The two Brits will have another chance to go head-to-head on Sunday at the Turkish Grand Prix. Practice for the race begins on Friday.

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