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Inside the 'house of the future'

By Dan Whitworth
Newsbeat technology reporter

When it comes to technology in the home if you've got the cash there's plenty of stuff out there - flat-screen, high def TVs, surround sound with MP3 docking stations, video game consoles galore - the list is endless. For a look at the very latest hi-tech gadgets Newsbeat went to see a "future house" at the Grand Designs Live exhibition in London's Excel Centre.


Gadgets galore at future house show

Toys for the boys and gadgets for the girls. If you like your high tech gizmos the "future house" would be as close to heaven on earth as you're ever likely to get.

For games console fans the Ovei is the ultimate - but at £50,000 you'd need some seriously deep, millionaire-style pockets to get hold of one.

Designed by the people behind the Formula One McClaren team, if you believe the hype it's supposed to "leave users in a cocoon of peaceful, undisturbed gaming reverie".

The Ovei includes surround sound and air conditioning

But leaving the sales pitch aside it is a seriously cool piece of kit.

Climb inside and the rotating 26 inch, flat-screen monitor will hook up to any games console, PC, TV and DVD player.

There's air conditioning and even air filtration, not to mention surround sound.

If you need to relax after trying to climb out of the Ovei - it's not the easiest thing to get out of - you could try the Elengance.

Future bath?

It does exactly what a normal bath does, with the added bonus of being a sauna, jacuzzi and steam room all in one.

It's even got speakers to plug your MP3 player into.

The Sonic Chair is another cool piece of kit - but at around £15,000, like the Ovei, it's not exactly cheap.

Sonic Chair
The Sonic Chair makes you feel like you're sitting in a speaker

With three speakers built into the chair and a cushion at the back you can feel the bass through it and it really does give you the sensation of sitting inside a speaker.

If you're tired after checking out all those gadgets then the Napshell is for you.

Its developers reckon its sound and light therapy, as well as the specially designed mattress, will make you feel as though you've had a full night's sleep after just 30 minutes.

The lights are pretty chilled, as is the music and the mattress is comfortable but is it possible to get a full night's sleep in just 30 minutes?

Despite this being a house of the future, most people think that's just one claim too far.

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