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iPod scam uncovered in America
iPod Shuffles
The new version of the iPod Shuffle (left) next to an older model

A man's pleaded guilty after trying to scam Apple out of thousands of iPod Shuffles in the United States.

Nicholas Woodhams admitted fraud and money laundering after coming up with a plan to get more than 9,000 music players for free.

The 23-year-old from Michigan appeared in court in Grand Rapids on Monday, a month after he was charged.

Woodhams had an iPod repair shop and knew that users could get a replacement if their Shuffle had problems.

He guessed valid serial numbers and entered them onto Apple's website to claim the replacements which when they arrived he simply resold.

The engineer will be sentenced in August.

He's already had to hand over property including a house, an Audi car and more than $570,000 (£400,000).

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