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Button says F1 win 'was not easy'

Jenson Button is celebrating a spectacular win at the Australian Grand Prix which saw Brawn GP take both first and second positions - a feat which hasn't been achieved by a debut team since 1954. It comes after a troubled time for Button, with the fate of his former Honda team unsure even a month ago.

Jenson Button
A triumphant Jenson Button celebrates his win in Melbourne

What did that win mean to you?

When I crossed that line and I felt the sensation of winning a race, crossing the line before anyone else does standing on the top of that podium and spraying the champagne over all the boys and my family, it was a very emotional feeling. Seeing all the Brits as well on the wall giving it, 'Go on my son,' it's always a nice sensation.

You guys must be thinking, 'Malaysia bring it on, I wish the race was tomorrow?'

Well it almost is, it's only a week away. I'm going to be running through it tomorrow morning already, the qualifying, the practice, the race.

How much more is there to come from this car?

Today wasn't an easy race with the conditions and the safety cars and I was surprised at how close a few of the cars were, Kubica was quick and Vettel was quick also.

It's not easy out there, it's not like we're just rolling round taking it easy knowing we're going to get the victory.

We've still got to work hard for it and that's good otherwise you get complacent.

For you personally, given what's happened in 2007 and 2008, it's such a turnaround finding a bit of luck and a quick car that you've been looking for. How hard have the last two years been?

The last two years have been very tough and last season was for me. It's been a bit of a rollercoaster - you just couldn't make this into a film I don't think. That's a good point, maybe we should do that.

Then obviously the winter was very tough. We had a lot of ups and downs, I was listening in and trying to understand what was going on with the buyout. So it was tough. When I finally drove the car in Barcelona I realised we were on to a good thing.

Tyres were obviously critical in this race. How's it dealing with not only that but all the other toys you've got to play with now as a driver?

Rubens Barrichello, Ross Brawn and Jenson Button
Jenson takes to the podium with Rubens Barrichello and Ross Brawn

It was interesting because the second stint I obviously flat-spotted the front left which made it a bit of a nightmare really and then the light was getting bad, the tyres were cooling off because of the temperatures and these tyres don't work when they're cold.

It was very difficult, and the last stint obviously on the soft tyre but I knew my pace and I knew where I was on the circuit and that wasn't an issue, I could keep everyone at bay, so I was pretty comfortable from then on.

Ross Brawn must be pretty much your favourite person right now. He's saved the team, kept you in a job and inspired the team to provide a quick car for you. What do you think of him?

The big guy's done a good job, the big bear as I like to call him. He's been amazing, kept everyone strong and today he's speechless which is good to see. He's knows what he's achieved here, this is big for Ross. And it's hopefully going to continue.

Jenson Button was talking to Newsbeat sports reporter David Garrido.

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