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Page last updated at 12:18 GMT, Monday, 17 November 2008
ITV shows to go 'on demand'
By Jim Reed
Newsbeat technology reporter

Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell
Shows like X Factor were only available on demand before

ITV viewers will soon be able to watch shows like Coronation Street and I'm A Celebrity whenever they want, under a deal with BT's digital television arm.

Until now, replays of soap operas and other top-rated programmes have only been broadcast on demand over the web.

ITV's catch-up service will be available on BT's digital television platform, Vision TV, from next month.

Viewers will be able to access replays of shows within minutes of broadcast up to eight days after their first airing.

A library of older ITV shows like Prime Suspect and Hells Kitchen will also be available.

The catch-up service is part of BT's replay package costing 3 a month, although customers must also sign up to a basic broadband contract starting at 15.99 a month.

BT's television challenge

BT was a late entry into the digital television market.

It launched its Vision service in December 2006 with content from terrestrial broadcasters, Sky and pay-television channels like Setanta Sports.

Its basic package mixes Freeview channels through a traditional aerial with on-demand content downloaded over the telephone network.

It has attracted 340,000 users since launch, compared with around 9 million paying subscribers at Sky and 3.6 million television customers at Virgin Media.

ITV 'on demand'

The BT deal is the first time ITV has made catch up material available on another television service.

The channel is also working with the BBC and Channel 4 on a new video-on-demand service that will show programmes from all three broadcasters.

The project, code named Kangaroo, will mix free material from the BBC's iPlayer with content from commercial broadcasters and a large back catalogue of older shows.

When it was announced last year, it was touted as the "Freeview of the internet".

But its launch has been delayed because of worries it could be too powerful and end up pushing up prices in the longer term.

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