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Page last updated at 15:10 GMT, Monday, 10 November 2008
On the Corkscrew's final journey

By Duncan Crawford
Newsbeat reporter at Alton Towers

It's being called the end of an era. After more than 25 years the Corkscrew at Alton Towers has gone on its last run. It'll now be demolished to make way for a bigger faster ride. Newsbeat's Duncan Crawford was one of the last people to get on it.


Everyone has a phobia of something. Indiana Jones was scared of snakes. Superman didn't like Krytonite. Woody Allen is terrified of pretty much everything. For me, it's rollercoasters. Nothing scares me more.

I've been terrified of rollercoasters my entire life and up until this point had been rather successful at avoiding them.

The Corkscrew, ironically was the first and last rollercoaster I went on.

I was 12 and the only reason I did it was because my friend's little sister was calling me a wimp. I hated it.

Now I'm back. Still a wimp. Drenched, standing in the lashing rain. Dark clouds above me. A bit like Frodo the first time he saw Mordor.

Oh, and to make matters worse I've got a microphone gaffer-taped to my hand and I've got to give a commentary of the ride as I'm hurled about.

Why do people do this?

Newsbeat reporter Duncan Crawford
Newsbeat's Duncan Crawford is scared of rollercoasters
Back in the 1890s, the 20th Earl of Shrewsbury started summer fetes at Alton.

Fireworks, clowns, that sort of thing. Oh, and according to internet rumours, exhibitions of instruments of torture too.

Maybe that has something to do with it?

Rollercoasters, are, in my opinion, a modern form of torture.

Anyway. I get in. It moves. It moves really really fast. I can see far across the Staffordshire countryside.

Unfortunately my lunch wants to see far across the Staffordshire countryside as well.

Anyway. It stops. I wasn't actually sick. I did scream. I did do my radio commentary.

And I admit I did close my eyes, a bit. But it was over! I'd done it and I didn't need to do it again.

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