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Page last updated at 11:35 GMT, Friday, 12 September 2008 12:35 UK
Backlash against 'new look' Facebook
by Jim Reed
Newsbeat technology reporter

Some Facebook users are finding the new design harder to use

More than a million people have joined an online protest against the new look Facebook.

The site has told its 100 million members that a controversial redesign will soon become permanent, whether they like it or not.

Since launching the makeover this summer, Facebook has allowed users to stay with the old design or switch to a new one.

It says the latest version is faster, less cluttered and easier to control.

Now everyone will be forced to change despite a rising backlash against the new look.

'Harder to navigate'

A protest group on the site called Petition Against the "New Facebook" has now grown to more than a million members.

One user, Patrick York from Wisconsin in the United States, said: "I'm trying to figure out why they would change a product that is so successful the way it is.

"In my opinion the new Facebook is a lot harder to navigate. I think they should have at least kept the option of keeping the old instead of the new."

And users have contacted Newsbeat to complain about the changes.

Ellis in Portsmouth said: "It is so much harder to use. Why couldn't they just leave it the way it was?"
We understand that some people will be uncomfortable with the changes
Mark Slee who was in charge of the new design

Sylvia from Derby added: "It may be faster but the layout is too confusing. Facebook will never be the same again."

'Less cluttered'

But others users are more supportive of the changes.

Gemma from Stockport said: "It's much easier to use now. People were used to the old version; it will just take them a while to become familiar with this one."

Facebook claims nearly 30 million of its 100 million users have already switched to the new format.

Mark Slee, who is the lead product manager on the design, said: "We understand that some people will be uncomfortable with the changes.

"But over time, we think people will appreciate the advantages of the new design and the new features it offers."

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