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Sony defends PS3 games console
By Iain Mackenzie
Newsbeat US reporter


Sony and Nintendo's latest games

Sony has warned Playstation 3 owners it could take several years until they get the best out of their machine.

Speaking at the E3 video games conference in Los Angeles, the boss of Playstation America, Jack Tretton, said programmers were gradually getting to grips with the console.

He claimed gamers would eventually see the PS3 pulling away from its rivals as studios found ways of harnessing the full power of its cell processor.

Mr Tretton's comments are directed at critics of the Playstation 3 who say the machine has failed to live up to both the pre-launch hype and it's 300 price tag.

Sony's MAG - Massive Action Game
Sony showed a preview of a 256-player MAG game

He compared the machine to its predecessor the Playstation 2, pointing out that many of its most sophisticated titles had come along late in the console's life cycle.

Among the examples cited was God of War 2. The acclaimed fantasy game was released seven years after the launch of PS2.

Rory Buckerage from Nuts Magazine watched the E3 event: "When they launched the PS3 they essentially said 'this is a super computer that's going to give you the best games of your entire life'.

"Now Sony seems to be playing the long game. Almost saying don't judge us now".

New games

Despite Jack Tretton's assurances, many gamers are becoming impatient with the relatively limited range of games available for PS3.

Sony used E3 2008 to preview a number of forthcoming games, including Resistance Fall of Man 2, Little Big Planet and God of War 3.

However there was no news on a launch date for the much talked-about 'Home' system - a virtual world, similar to Second Life.

Gamers were also given a vision of PS3's future online capabilities.

Wii Music drum simulator
Nintendo's Wii Music game will feature instrument simulators

Cartoon title, 'DC Universe' and 'MAG - Massive Action Game' appeared to be well received by an audience of enthusiastic Playstation fans.

While Sony was trying to keep its users sweet for the future, Nintendo was celebrating the ongoing success of its Wii console.

The Japanese game maker attempted to sustain the momentum generated by the release of Wii Fit.

Also at E3, Nintendo announced the launch of Wii Sports Resort, the follow-up to Wii Sports.

For music fans there is Wii Music which allows users to play up to 60 different musical instruments. Nintendo has enjoyed huge sales of the "family friendly" Wii console, with claims that it outsells PS3 by a factor somewhere between three and six times.

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