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'Life' auction brought back down to earth
By Jim Reed
Newsbeat technology reporter

Ian Usher
Ian Usher emigrated to Australia six years ago from Darlington

An Australian man who put his entire life up for sale on the internet has had to restart the auction after fake bids pushed the value of his home, job and friends past the 1 million mark.

Ian Usher did not activate a registration system that would have only let genuine bids through.

24 hours after the seven-day auction started he was celebrating with champagne as offers on his life soared to astronomical levels.

But when the former carpet store assistant called up the bidders, they all backed out.

Excuses ranged from stolen passwords to family members playing a joke.

He said: "They are just idiots, absolute idiots. I think I was speaking to kids most of the time."

The fake bids have now been deleted and the highest offer for his life now stands at a more than 180,000.

"That's not even 75% of the value of the house," he said.

Life auction

44-year-old Ian Usher wanted to make a clean break after splitting up with his wife.

Living room of Ian Usher's house
Ian Usher's home includes a car, motorcycle and parachuting gear
The ex-pat, originally from Darlington, is selling his house in Perth, a trial run at his job and introduction to his friends.

The deal includes a car, motorcycle, jet ski and parachuting gear.

He said: "I intend to walk out of my front door with my wallet in one pocket and my passport in the other, nothing else at all.

"My current thoughts are to then head to the airport and ask at the flight desk where the next flight with an available seat goes to, and to get on that and see where life takes me from there."

Despite the setback he is still confident of raising at least 210,000 from the sale.

"I'm beyond worried, I'm just along for the ride at the moment," he said.

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