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Last Updated: Friday, 23 May 2008, 10:49 GMT 11:49 UK
Band tests Guitar Hero follow-up
By Jim Reed
Newsbeat technology reporter

Screen shot from Rock Band

Six months after it went on sale in the US, the follow up to Guitar Hero is finally hitting the shelves in the UK.

Rock Band is far more ambitious that its multi million selling predecessor.

The box itself is so gigantic you almost need a roadie to carry it.

Like the real thing?

Newsbeat asked Scouting for Girls to test the game out.

Lead singer Roy said: "It was a bit difficult to set up. It's good fun but would annoy the hell out of your neighbours.

Roy Stride from Scouting For Girls
Rock Band comes with an electronic drum kit and proper drum sticks
"It wouldn't fit on the tour bus. That's probably a good thing because those drums would go on to five in the morning. We would probably kill someone."

The toy guitar is still there with buttons in place of strings.

Now a microphone lets you sing along in the same way as a game like Songstar.

But it's the electronic drum kit that really stands out complete with foot peddle and proper, wooden drum sticks.

You pay a price for that kind of equipment.

180 including the game disc itself is the going rate in the UK, twice the recommended retail price in the US.

Name trading

Rock Band has been created by the same company that developed the Guitar Hero series.

Screen shot from Rock Band
Rock Band is only available on the Xbox 360 until later this year
Harmonix was bought up by MTV Networks in 2006 while the rights to Guitar Hero itself were sold to another company, Activision.

So it is little surprise that the two games are very similar with players hitting buttons to simulate the rock songs on screen.

Miss too many notes and you and your friends are booed off stage.

Songs by British bands have been included for the European launch with Radiohead, Blur and Oasis all featuring.

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