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Last Updated: Wednesday, 5 March 2008, 12:47 GMT
In pictures: Cyber viruses in 3D

Netsky email

The following set of 3D images of electronic viruses were created by artist Alex Dragulescu. This one shows a Netsky email worm, still the most consistent threat to email traffic.

Ghost spyware

The artisit turned the viruses into artwork after an internet security firm worked out the programming codes for some of the most common ones. This one shows ghost spyware.

Trojan agent

This is an encoded Trojan agent which are endlessly variable so they can escape detection. As the name suggests, trojans are disguised to be more destructive than they first seem.

Storm Malicious

Storm Malicious is aggressively spreading software which has formed one of the largest automated virus systems in history with two million computers under its control.

Russian obesity spam email

The Russian obesity email is a text and image-based spam which preys on recipients' personal insecurities through direct subjects like "Ever heard that you're getting fat".

Phishing email

This image shows a phishing attack. It needs the recipient to confirm their details, often saying it is improving security for online banking.

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