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Last Updated: Tuesday, 19 February 2008, 16:26 GMT
HD DVD owners 'anger' over obsolete players
The Simpsons supporting the launch of Blu-ray
The Simpsons supported the launch of Blu-ray

Owners of HD DVD players have reacted furiously to the news that the system will shortly become obsolete.

Electronics company Toshiba has announced it will stop promoting the format, effectively killing it off.

It leaves the way open for Blu-ray to take-over the market for high definition video discs.


Radio 1 listener Mark Nash from Portsmouth bought an HD DVD player.

He said: "I am quite angry about it.

"I've bought about twelve DVDs for around 15 each. That's money I won't get back."

HD DVD launched in 2006 with the backing of Toshiba, Microsoft and Intel.

The format was also supported by major film studios including Warner, Paramount and Universal.

Blu-ray also had big name supporters including Sony, Apple and Dell. 20th Century Fox and Disney favoured the format.

Over time, however, support for HD DVD began to wane with some media companies switching sides.

In the US Wal Mart announced it would only stock Blu-ray discs. Rental chain Blockbuster also ditched HD DVD.

A decisive factor may have been the inclusion of Blu-ray in Sony's Playstation 3.

The console offered a relatively low cost player at 300-400. At the same time, standalone machines were selling for as much as 1000.


Microsoft offered an add-on HD DVD drive for its X-Box 360, but resisted calls to build it into the console.

Many of those left disappointed by the demise of HD DVD are X-Box users.

Christian Southall from Leighton Buzzard told Newsbeat: "I paid 100 for it which I thought was a pretty good deal.

"It looks like it's just going to be stuck at the side of my X-Box now."

However Microsoft could yet end-up having the last laugh.

It recently began offering High Definition movie downloads through Xbox Live and plans to expand the service.

Apple is also offering films through its iTunes store.

Blu-Ray may have won the disc war, but there's no guarantee consumers will even want disks in a few years time.

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