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Ashes fans put on fancy dress

Ashes fans in Cardiff

England took a grand total of one wicket on Thursday during the first Ashes test in Cardiff. Maybe they do need a bit of extra help.

Ashes fans in Cardiff

You can't beat a good stag do at the cricket. They rearrange the letters if they see a fit girl.

Ashes fans in Cardiff

Kieran, Simon, Jason and Robert have gone for a wildlife theme. We like.

Ashes fans in Cardiff

Ah, the robbers - another fancy dress favourite from Alastair, Ed, Jack and Trev.

Ashes fan in Cardiff

It's Wales. Someone had to come as Dafydd from Little Britain, didn't they? Not a bad effort. He's actually Martin, and he's English.

Ashes fans in Cardiff

Just so we're not completely biased, here are some token Aussies, looking very, erm, Aussie. A lot of love between Scott and Toby, clearly.

Ashes fans in Cardiff

Another group shot to finish. The nurse on the left offered to give Newsbeat "the money shot". We gratefully declined. Then ran away.

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