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The week's weird and odd pictures

A tree stump in Rathkeale, Co. Limerick

Workmen claim a tree stump in Ireland has the image of the Virgin Mary in it. Hundreds of people have travelled there to pray and light candles with some believing the willow should be covered in glass.

Man lies in plane engine

A Facebook group called 'the lying down game' has prompted people to send in thousands of pictures of themselves laid out in strange places. Other photos include someone lying on a train luggage rack.

Scarecrow dressed as traffic officer in Brancaster, Norfolk

A policeman refused to see the funny side when villagers in Norfolk made a scarecrow in the shape of an officer for a fete. Local police in Brancaster had originally given villagers permission to put it up.

Hippo mum and her baby

A baby Pygmy Hippopotamus, Leishan (whose name means "gift" in West Africa) with mother Ellen at Edinburgh Zoo. The new arrival was born on 9 June.


Freerunners demonstrate their skills in London's Trafalgar Square to promote the 2009 World Championships. They'll take place there on 15 August in front of around 9000 spectators.

Flavia Zoccari

Italian swimmer Flavia Zoccari suffers an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction before a race at the Mediterranean Games in Italy. Her swimsuit ripped at the back. The 22-year-old had to miss the race.

The Naked Office

Staff at an advertising firm in Newcastle get their kit off for a new TV programme. The Naked Office follows the three men and two women as they try to get through a day without wearing clothes.

Lion-tailed Macaque monkeys at Bristol Zoo

Lion-tailed Macaque monkeys at Bristol Zoo are given 99s to cool down, but with a difference. Instead of chocolate, zoo keepers gave the animals carrots to munch on with their ice cream cones.

Miss Ellie and Pabst

Miss Ellie competes in the world's ugliest dog contest in Petaluma, California. The blind 15-year-old Chinese Crested Hairless won the pedigree category. Pabst (right), a boxer mix, won the top prize.

Commuter does bikini bootcamp

A commuter does body exercises with Kathryn Freeland, a celebrity personal trainer, as part of her bikini body SOS workout. They were helped by some models at London's St Pancras station.


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