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Fans' WAGs go shopping in Rome

By David Garrido
Newsbeat sports reporter

The Brown family
The extended Brown family are all in Rome to watch the big match

When in Rome, go shopping - obviously. That's what a group of fans' WAGs did as they came over for the Champions' League Final in Rome. Newsbeat's sports reporter David Garrido was dragged along with them.

Hundreds of bare-chested men holding huge glass tankards of beer, chanting and singing by the nearest available fountain, and probably getting in it eventually - that's what you'd expect from football fans travelling abroad.

It is, of course, true. But Jude Brown, from just outside Manchester, decided it'd be fun to spend an hour or so window shopping down the Via dei Condotti, Rome's most famous shopping street, while her husband Fred and the rest of the lads starting their afternoon drinking session in the Italian capital.

First stop - Gucci, and already Jude and her sister Claire were drooling over the jewellery in the window. Trouble is, just one bracelet costs 5,000 Euros (£4,368).

The whole street just oozes opulence, just everywhere you look. It's dripping with money, it's fantastic
Claire is in Rome with her husband, sister and daughter

Going inside was welcome relief from the blistering sunshine and temperatures into the 30s (80s and 90s F), and immediately they made a beeline for a snakeskin belt-and-shoes combination.

'Opulent' shops

Claire's daughter Charlotte couldn't take her eyes off a display rack with around 50 pairs of Posh-style sunglasses.

Apparently she could have some as long as she paid off her mobile phone bill first. 230 Euros (£200) for the shades, same for a silk scarf but no sign of any credit cards.

Next to Louis Vuitton where it's all about the bags, or at least that's what the girls were saying, Claire was glued to the suitcases and vanity cases. Jude checked the price tag - 2,000 Euros (£1,747). Yeah, forget it.

How about something a little smaller? A watch, perhaps? Cartier's the place, then, and as everyone pored over yet another elegant, shiny display, a blacked-out limousine pulled up, presumably to pick up someone who had actually been splashing the cash.

"The whole street just oozes opulence, just everywhere you look. It's dripping with money, it's fantastic," said Claire. Well, fantastic if you have lots of it, Claire.

At Into Valentino all the attention was on "gorgeous" little black bottles of perfume, retailing at 90 Euros (£78).

Manchester United fans
Fans have been arriving in Rome all week for the final and to shop

Claire looked tempted but again decided no. Jude went upstairs to check out the evening dress collection. A little vest top would be within her budget, surely?

850 Euros (£742) for a little grey number, which also came in pink. The sales assistant told us she'd give us 20% off. Just the 680 Euros (£594) then.

Poor little Alessandra, Jude's daughter, had had enough by this stage - cheeks more than a little rosy. Even though she'd been as good as gold, she now looked a bit miffed after traipsing around in the heat.

So back to the Spanish steps to meet the boys, with no new purchases. Fred told Newsbeat he'd almost felt ripped off himself - shelling out 6.50 Euros (£5.67) for a pint of beer.

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