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Pizza boy sticks cheese up nose
by Sima Kotecha
Newsbeat reporter in New York

Michael Setzer
Michael Setzer put cheese up his nose and broke wind on salami in the video

Domino's Pizza have sacked two employees after a video showing one of them sticking cheese up his nose was posted online.

Kristy Hammonds, 31, filmed her colleague in the kitchen of Domino's Pizza in Conover, North Carolina.

While preparing food, Michael Setzer stuffed a strip of cheese up his nose and then put it in a sandwich.

He also broke wind on slices of salami, and sneezed on bread, which he then packaged up to be delivered.

Now Domino's Pizza have fired both individuals.

The pair were also arrested and charged with food tampering, a serious charge in the state of North Carolina.

They're due to appear in court in May.

Damaged reputation

The fast food chain is now facing a huge publicity crisis.

Millions of people are thought to have viewed the footage on YouTube and Twitter.

The pizza chain has done its best to protect its 50-year-old brand by shutting down the branch where the video was made, and disinfecting it from top to bottom.

Alana and Ben Beyda
Customers Alana and Ben Beyda are disgusted by the video

Domino's Pizza is one of the largest fast food chains in America and has more than eight thousand franchises across the world.

Many pizza fans say the film has put them off eating there though.

Ben Beyda is 25 and has been hooked on Domino's for the past four years.

"That was one of the grossest videos I've ever seen," he said, "and I refuse to eat there now."

Pizza apology

In an attempt to reach the audience who watched this latest video online, the president of Domino's USA, Patrick Doyle, posted an apology on YouTube.

"There is nothing more important or sacred to us than our customer's trust," he stated.

The chain say there's no evidence that any of the food tampered with was ever served to customers.

Domino's says it wants people to believe their food is clean and that their kitchens meet hygiene requirements.

Alana is 29 and isn't convinced, however.

"I'm pretty sure it's what goes on in all fast food restaurants," she said, "but now that you've seen it, you won't eat it.

"I'm strictly sticking to Pizza Hut from now on."

Subway scandal

It comes after a 22-year-old from the West Midlands was prosecuted last month for making a similar video at a Subway branch.

Richard Shannon was given 300 hours community service after he was filmed sticking salad up his nose at Subway in Brownhills.

That footage also received hundreds of thousands of hits online.

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