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The Kooks: 'Non-violent protest works'
The Kooks
Luke Pritchard will perform at this weekend's rally

The Kooks' Luke Pritchard will perform at a political rally taking place this weekend [Saturday 28 March].

Put People First, is meant to be a chance for ordinary people to have their say on the issues being discussed at the G20 summit beginning on 2 April.

Luke Pritchard plans to play "two or three songs" at the event which begin's at Victoria Embankment.

Speaking to Newsbeat he said: "It's really important to keep pressuring the people who we've elected."

Peaceful protest

The G20 summit - a meeting between the world's most powerful leaders - aims to address the most pressing social, economic and environmental issues of the moment.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has said the meeting needs to "take action" on the global economic situation.

But many groups are not convinced that the politicians will make the right decisions.

Put People First is an organisation drawing charities and groups together so more can have their say.

Pritchard's view

Speaking to Newsbeat about his personal involvement Pritchard said: "G20 gives us the opportunity to go and say to the people we elected and say 'This is how we feel'. And they have to listen."

"Non-violent protest works."

Explaining his involvement he added: "My mum, she's worked for several charities, she mentioned it. And it seemed like the kind of thing I could do - play some music and try and help without being a bible basher.

"I think it's really important right now," added Pritchard of the event's timing. "It's a real transition period."

A lot of my friends are just coming out of university - you've worked really hard for your degree and then it's impossible to get a job
Luke Pritchard, The Kooks

On the subject of the current recession and increase in unemployment in the UK the singer said: "Even now we're not seeing the full repercussions. I've seen people who are going to have to cut down their whole life due to job loss.

"A lot of my friends are just coming out of university - you've worked really hard for your degree and then it's impossible to get a job."

He added: "Everyone is talking about it, and everyone is worried.

"Fear is like a disease isn't it? It just spreads and everyone's panicking and that's when hatred sets in.

"I've noticed that some of things that worry me about these kind of hatreds is that this is exactly how really bad things happen and how awful leaders get elected.

"People being scared because they think that they're not going to be able to pay their mortgage."

With his band The Kooks, Pritchard is not usually know for being politically outspoken.

On the subject he said: "Just because what you do in your own life doesn't necessarily speak out against these things doesn't mean you don't feel them - its exciting to find a voice."

The G2 summit begins in London on 2 April.

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