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80s style is back on the catwalk

By Rebecca Pukiello
Newsbeat reporter at London Fashion Week

Models at London Fashion Week

Credit crunch, banks in trouble and rising bills. It's all a bit depressing but you can always cheer yourself up by splashing out on a trendy new outfit with the credit card.

Newsbeat has visited a show at London Fashion Week to find out what look people will be buying on the High Street this winter.

For the last couple of months it's been all about an 80s revival and if you're not a fan of the body suit and shiny leggings, then bad luck.

Sarah Young

The 80s will continue for a while but who can predict the next trends? Whatever happens it's all about mixing crazy colours and going wild

Fashion director, Sarah Young

Around 800 people, including press, paparazzi and guests, crammed next to the main stage at the Natural History Museum in London.

It has a long white catwalk and is like flicking through your mum and dad's photo album from the 80s.

Sarah Young, 19, is a fashion director.

She said: "80s fashion is still around on the catwalks and in the shops.

"It's all about leather jackets, bomber jackets, sequins, leggings and towering heels.

"Logo T-shirts with new rave colours are also fashionable.

"And, of course, the Agyness Deyn blonde crop. The 80s are back."

Another classic 80s piece is the all in one body suit.

The old favourite can be seen hanging on many of the rails in the exhibition centre which showcase clothes, bags and jewellery.

They've been made popular by the likes of Rihanna and Mary Kate Olsen.

Your views

Laura, 21, and Francis, 20, love shopping and couldn't resist taking a peek at the body suits.

Francis said: "They're great to wear with big belts and high heels.

"I don't think Laura is tall enough to wear the item though."

Agyness Deyn
Agyness Deyn wears a creation by British label House of Holland
The 80s look has been around for a while now.

Topshop and Miss Selfridge say it will continue to be big, especially next season.

Martin, 19 and from Scotland, and Rosie, 17 and from Sidcup in Kent, have noticed the 80s vibe over the last few months.

There's plenty of clothing from that decade already available in shops.

Martin said: "I would have liked to have seen something different coming from London Fashion Week for youngsters but the 80s is still a good trend."

But Rosie wanted more from her visit to London Fashion Week: "I would have liked to have seen something else to have emerged. Perhaps like swing style or more checks."

Celebs like Peaches and Pixie Geldof and Alexa Chung have been spotted on the front row at some of the catwalk shows.

For designer Sarah Young the 80s have got a while to go yet.

She said: "The 80s will continue for a while but who can predict the next trends?

"Whatever happens it's all about mixing crazy colours and going wild."

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