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Glenrothes election: Voters' views

Gordon Brown's facing another tough by-election test in Scotland.

The death of John MacDougall leaves a seat in the Fife town of Glenrothes up for grabs.

It used to be a big Labour town but could the Prime Minister's problems mean the party loses out this time around?

Last month Labour lost one of its safest seats, Glasgow East, to the Scottish National Party.

Newsbeat has been talking to people on the streets of Glenrothes.

Matthew, 22, web designer
Matthew says people have had enough of Labour

"I'm going to vote SNP.

I think people have had enough of Labour and things they're bringing in to the community.

I think Labour in general are the problem rather than Gordon Brown though.

But if Labour lose it certainly won't help him - especially with Glasgow recently where they lost the by-election."

No date has been set for a new by-election yet, but another loss would add to the pressure on the PM to quit.

His own constituency of Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath is next door.

Paul, 27, shop manager
Paul reckons Gordon Brown has done a lot for Scotland

"I voted Labour in the last election - Gordon Brown's a local lad so I'm going to vote Labour again.

He does a lot for Scotland. And most of my family vote Labour.

I don't think he's done too bad. Anybody in his position would do the same, nothing different or better."

Labour holds Glenrothes with a 10,000 majority, but the SNP won the Holyrood seat at last year's Scottish elections by nearly 1200 votes.

Mark, 19, shop assistant
Mark would back the PM and vote Labour

"I'd vote Labour.

Gordon Brown's a local boy so I'd vote for him and give him a chance.

He's not done a terrible job.

Tony Blair didn't exactly leave him a legacy."

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